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alaa eid

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Pharmacognosy 121 Students

A Formulation of Cough Syrup from natural source When we thought about a formulation of cough syrup
It was logic to ask What’s cough? What is cough ? ??! ? !! A cough is the body’s way of removing foreign material or mucus from the lungs and airway passages Helva treats both Productive Nonproductive
(dry cough) So Mission Vision Rediscover the wonders of natural remedies Provide a natural product that suppresses the cough after expelling the mucus This combination can be found in Guava leaves , ivy and Honey Much of guava's therapeutic activity is attributed to these flavonoids Much of Ivy's therapeutic activity is attributed to these saponins SWOT Analysis S

1-Introducing all natural product 2-Ever - present market : people will always need cough medicine , especially in the winter month We need to work more on the consistency of the syrup W 1-University botanical garden. 

2- R and D research lab   O T 1-Crowded market as many firms produce similar products.
2-competition is very intense . We tried 3 flavoring agents Survey on flavors So in the end we chose Ahmed Sarah Mohaned Mahmoud Reham Merna Mayar Asmaa Thanks Honey Immunity Taste Good soothe cough Supervision

Dr.Amira abdel motaal We named our product HELVA Why Why this name?? Hel = helix
Va = guava Natural Remedies For cough that synergies the effect of the drug aniseed Lemon tea Avoid mucus-producing foods Precaution If the cough persist for more than 10 days , you should be examined and investigated by health care professional Brochure pamphlet
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