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mj de jesus

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Preceptorship

P.R.E.C.E.P.T.O.R.S.H.I.P Definition: is a teacher or
instructor with
special training
who can offer
practical training
to an intern. Preceptor Preceptee Learning
Needs Book of
and Wisdom Preceptors provide
enduring lessons to
newly graduates and
young nurses that
guarantee the quality of
knowledge within the
nursing profession will
remain strong... To ensure the best
possible start for newly
qualified nurses and
to maximize the training
investment, a quality
precetorship program is for years to come. ESSENTIAL Roles Responsibilities Genuine interest willing to commit
TIME Willing to share expertise Help Guide relate new
concepts to old
concepts Good communication
skills Active listening Share Respect Preceptees input Model Flexible character avoid having the preceptee
just "shadow" them. FOCUS CORRECT it. Promote
independence by using appropriate
strategies and problem
solving techniques. use reflection to help
preceptee learns from
experiences. use reflection to help
preceptee learns from
experiences. Correct and lessen it. Personality types S/he will take on any preceptee under any circumtances to teach.
Try to teach new roles
to preceptee. Perfectionist can lead to stress "Out-of-it" Preceptee learns
through: ever-dreaded
mistakes Nothing is explained
Nothing is taught
Preceptee is often on
their own Not imparting
even one grain of Knowledge &
wisdom Co-worker Best Preceptor
type Work with the preceptee Plans with preceptee
Make a plan to provide good care to the patient while teaching along the way

Provide hands-on experience "Good or bad preceptor makes or breaks orientation
for a new nurse." Preceptorship – a defined period of time in which two people (an experienced nurse with a new graduate) work together so that the less experienced person can learn and apply knowledge and skills in the practice setting with the help of the more experienced person. (Mosby’s Medical Dictionary) Preceptor – is an experienced nurse who provides knowledge and emotional support, as well a clarification of role expectation (Marquis et al 2009)

Preceptee – protégée, learner
Preceptorship is not an entirely new concept in the nursing profession. It has been an important dimension of nursing since its origin during the time of Florence Nightingale. When nurses were expected to facilitate student nurse in their learning and to guide them in the care of their patients in the practice setting (Backenstose, 1983; Myrick & Yonge, 2003) Measuring Preceptor Effectiveness "The quality of the relationship between preceptor and preceptee is probably the single most important factor for effective supervision." (Kilmister & Jolly, 2005) Measurement of Preceptor Effectiveness Survey completed by Preceptee Competency-based Self-assessment by Preceptor health care agency manager Staff educator Preceptor program leader Observation OBSERVATION at sponsoring educationl institution Faculty member Standardized assessement of preceptees activity logbook ASSESSMENT Tracking the career progress of former preceptee(s). "A successful preceptorship requires a genuine connection of nursing education and practice." - this connection and sharing of resources helps to strengthen both quality of future nurses and the profession as a whole. Quality training Good future Brigde the gap theory Nursing practice Transformational leadership Enhance career development Enhance critical thinking Job enrichment Sense of professionalism Enhance managerial skills Enhance productivity Young and New Nurses Guarantee the quality of knowledge within the nursing profession will remain strong for years to come. C.O.M.M.I.T.M.E.N.T High level of job satisfaction S.h.O.r.T.c.O.m.I.n.G.s Some nurses consider precepting as additional stress Preceptee Preceptee Preceptee Preceptee Preceptee Preceptee STRESS STRESS High level of work load Preceptee Preceptee Recommendation The management or Unit Manager should decrease the workload of the nurse preceptor to be able to perform the preceptor role more effectively. The preceptee should follow the schedule of the preceptor so that orientation is consistent Provide incentives or recognition to the preceptor. Increase the time of the preceptorship program Most progress was observed after a three month period, when ability and confidence levels had increased and stress levels decreased. "A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could." - Unknown Clinical Teaching

(Preceptorship) De Jesus, Michelle Jordanne D. RN Dr. Wireen Leila T. Dator
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