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genius hour

No description

Krishna Patel

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of genius hour

Genius hour lets students explore their own passions and encourages creativity. Students choose what they learn about during school time.
What is Genius hour?
How long would Genius Hour run for
Why try Genius Hour?
Where passions come alive
Genius Hour
Genius Hour would be a great thing to try because it would enhance student learning and engagement in the classroom. It would enhance student learning because the students pick what they want to learn
about and the students will pick what they are interested so they will most likely like to research about it. Genius Hour would engage a student in a classroom because they most likely would like to discuss it.
Here is a high school that tried Genius Hour
Different schools could also have different days to watch different projects. Each school could organize when they want to watch the projects, for example, two a day but in different periods.

How students can share or showcase should be their choice because someone may like to show their understanding in building models, some one might want to show in explicit writing and someone might love math and like to show their understanding in graphs and other mathematical tools.

We could also share our Genius Hour projects with the Simcoe County District. If we make could convince the people working in Simcoe County to have a day where people with great Genius Hour projects could present.
Every Genius Hour session could run about 45 minutes to an hour. Genius Hour only runs once a week. Due to how long one session is, it is not everyday because then we would cutting down a lot of different subjects in school.
How could we assess Genius Hour projects?
We could assess the projects in 2 ways:
*See how much information is given on the topic ( you do this because most likely if there is less information then the probably did not try very hard or they did not put in a lot of time)
* Ask questions and see if they know what they researched about. Usually if they stutter that means they did not put in a lot of time and effort.
What would we be using for presentation?
Here are some possibilities of technology that could be used for Genius Hour:
* Microsoft 2010
* Microsoft PowerPoint
* Microsoft Publisher
* Prezi
* Movie Maker
* Microsoft Access 2010

Here are a list of websites that you could use for the research process:
* Wikipedia
* FindArticles.com( FindArticles has the text of articles from about 500 print periodicals with coverage back to 1998, and usage is completely free of charge)
* Librarians Internet Index
* Library of Congress
*Intute (Web-based resources for science, technology, arts, humanities, and social sciences.)
* Project Gutenberg

How we can share Genius Hour projects
There are 3 steps to Genius Hour
1. Must be a driving question
2. Project must involve research
3. Must be shown
Here are some ideas that you could use for Genius Hour project:

here are some other technology that we could use that`s not on a computer or laptop:
*Pencil and paper
* Paintings ( for a model)
* A clay model ( for
Thoughts you could have when learning about Genius Hour
Its OKAY, if your stumped just do it on what you like here are some ideas!
we get to use school time to learn
what we want to learn. This is way
more interesting then learning
boring other stuff.
Hey Jim

Hey Kate, you know
Genius Hour is just once
a week.
Jim you made me so
depressed that i`m going
to lock myself in my room
for a week
Here is an example of a Genius Hour project:
How to`s:
*How to make a cake.
*How to ride a bicycle.
*How to read a book.
*How to make Quinoa salad.
*How to make a book.
*How to make a recipe book.
*How to write an essay.
*How to draw anime.
*How to how to make a rainbow loom ipod case.
*How to make a paper gun that shoots.
*How to beat flappy bird.
*How to tie a tie
*How to make genius hour project.
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