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Present & Present Continuous Tense

No description

Fanny Lowe

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Present & Present Continuous Tense

The Present Simple & Present Continuous These two tenses refer to the present time.The simple present
is used to talk about a fact in general, a habit or a permanent situation
past Present future In Permanent Situations:
1.You live in England.
2.She teaches French.
3.He drives a truck.
4.Tom works in a school.
5.David plays soccer. In the case of truths
and facts... He is playing tennis now.
I am writing a story.
Tom is studying in Wales.
They are visiting the queen. Australia is the biggest island in the world.
Edinburgh is in Scotland.
The River Thames is in London.
There are many varieties of English spoken in England. If you are talking about actions that have started at the time of speaking but not yet finished,
use the present continuous tense
past Present Future The Present Continuous is also used
when speaking about temporary arrangements:
1. I'm living with my brother in Sydney
until my house is ready (cf My brother lives in Sydney)
2. Tom is staying with me for two months Subject + verb to be + verb + ing
1.He is play ing soccer
2.I am cook ing dinner now.
3.We are look ing for a house.
4.They are read ing now.
5.I am stay ing here. Write a composition of
200-250 words about yourself, using the present and present continuous tense where necessary.You may want to include:
your family
your hobbies
your favourite food
your habits Pair work: Talk to your partner
and tell him five things about
yourself using the present and
present continuous tense. Say whether each sentence is in the present or present continuous tense

1. You look smart in your uniform.
2. She comes from Canada.
3. She is wearing a green dress today.
4. They are building a new house.
5. The school holidays start in June.
6. We drive on the left in Britain.
7. They play soccer most weekends.
8. He is returning home after a holiday. Match the sentences with the correct answers

1. He___ of buying a car. A) is having
2. I___next week off. B) stay
3. Tom___Mandarin fluently. C) is thinking
4. We__it's a good idea. D) speaks
5. We__dinner at home. E) am taking
6. They___at the Hilton every year. F) are eating
7. She___a baby soon. G) think Thank you! Present tense is used with such words like:
presently Present Continuous tense is used with words like:
next day / week / month / year Written work
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