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Advertising IMC- PS4

No description

Atinder Vaid

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Advertising IMC- PS4

S.W.O.T analysis S = cloud storage; touch pad; easy social media game play sharing

W = game adaptation; production issues

O = product diversification (more games) will increase market share

T = competitive forces; high power of buyers (Porter’s five forces) Difficulties in meeting IMC objectives Retaining consumer interest

Difficulty reaching target audiences

Overcoming perceived undesirable product features from the consumer’s point of view Consumer Opinion QUESTIONS? - Multinational conglomerate with an emphasis on technology and gaming

- Parent company of PlayStation

- Created first PlayStation in 1995 Company Diagnostic – Sony PlayStation 4 Sony PlayStation - Various models

- Formerly dominant player in the gaming industry (market share)

- Creator of previous bestselling system (PS2)

- Immense market knowledge

- Second in current gaming console market share
How do you effectively advertise the PlayStation 4 in such a saturated and competitive market?

How do you keep customers interested until the release? Problem The overall marketing objectives are:

- Create, maintain and increase buzz marketing on all platforms of existing social media outlets

- Inform and educate consumers regarding product

- Utilize improved marketing efforts as a method to increase sales IMC Objectives Threats Direct Competitors
- Microsoft Xbox
- Nintendo Wii

Indirect Competitors
- Handheld units
- PC games
- Mobile games Competitive analysis Core customer:
Ideal age: 13-35 year old
Males and females Definable target market Complete exciting challenges in order to be

eligible to win one of 4000 FREE or

discounted PlayStation Systems The Great Giveaway In order to potentially win a PlayStation 4 you must complete 4 challenges prior to the Holiday season release:
May 4th: Social Media Challenge (Signing-up)
June 4th: Social Media Challenge Part 2 (Pictures)
August 4th: Geo-cache
October 4th: Use clue/code from Geo-cache for game testing location or free game download
November 4th: Announce Winners The Great Giveaway Details Sony's Perspective of the Great Giveaway 400 free PlayStation 4 systems and
3600 PlayStation Systems at half Price!

$500 x 400 consoles = $200,000
$250 x 3600 consoles = $900,000
Total Cost: 200,000+900,000 = $1.1M

Cost Of A North American Television Advertising Campaign: < $1,100,000 The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) (June 11th-13th)

Comic-Con (July 18th-21st)

International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) (January 7th-10th) Media Recommendations Utilizes Word of Mouth Marketing
Potential Publicity
Collaborate effort with 1 free unit encourages multiple users and thus purchases
Enhances customer loyalty
Creates an improved consumer culture
-Correlates to a long-term bond with the company Potential Benefits of the Great Giveaway Budget Allocation Advertisements-Internet Advertisements-Print TV Commercial Storyboard
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