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Paula Arias

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of SCHOOL VIOLENCE 1980-1989

What is School Violence?
Violent Behaviors including:
-Weapon use
-Electronic aggression
-Gang violence
It occurs:
-On school property
-On the way to or from school
-During school event
-On the way to or from a school event
Trends in the 1980s
-School violence came mostly in the form of school shootings.
-The popular violence methods reported
-Social media and cyber-bullying was not yet an issue.
-Many of the student shooters committed suicide after the attack.
The majority of the incidents of this time period involve students in late middle and early high school bringing guns to school. These students either shoot a classmate because of bullying and act on revenge, or shoot a teacher in retaliation for poor grades. Many of the incidents are also very cryptic and a motive could not be determined.
Categories of Violence
In the 1980s, the only reported acts of violence indicate school shootings.

However, in many cases, the motive for the shooting was retaliation for having been bullied.
By: Paula Arias
http://www.columbine-angels.com School_Violence_Stats.htm
Example Cases
January 7, 1980
February 10, 1989
Stamps, Arkansas: Evan Hampton (16 yrs. old)
Kearns, Utah: 12 yr old boy
-Shot and killed Mike Sanders (19) with .22 caliber revolver.
-Turned in the gun after and waited to be arrested in principal's office.
-Motive: bullying retaliation
-Town spread rumors it was a racial shooting: caused community to harp on racial prejudice (false rumor).
-Town responded in quiet disbelief as did the administration: confused because both boys were typical students with respectable families.
-Normal attendance resumed the following day at the high school.
-Teacher reported to vice principal that student had .22 caliber rounds.
-Student shot at vice principal in the junior high parking lot: no injuries.
-Student caught.
-The school district spokesman was unsure of boy's motives and hoped it to be an isolated incident.
-The Salt Lake County Sheriff reported officers confiscating weapons from students at the high schools daily.
-The school was locked down to keep anyone from entering or leaving the building after the shooting. At the time the students were taking aptitude tests.
School Violence Incidents in the 1980s
University Shooting
-WHO: Robert Brauer, Business Professor, student Thomas Kakonis (20 yrs. old)
-WHAT: Brauer shot by Kakonis
-WHEN: March 26, 1980
-WHERE: Ferris State College Big Rapids, Michigan
-WHY: Brauer had failed Kakonis on an exam. Kakonis was the son of an associate dean at the college.
-HOW: Kakonis shot the Professor in class in front of 30 other students
-Two male students grabbed Kakonis and held him until the police arrived after the shooting.
-Prosecuters found Kakonis was incompetent to stand trial-he remained at a psychiatric facility until judged ready to stand trial.
-WHO: Rudy Farmer (17 yrs. old)
-WHAT: Farmer shot student
-WHEN: October 31, 1980
-WHERE: Hueytown High School, Hueytown, Alabama
-WHY: Rude remark made in class
-HOW: with a .22 caliber pistol
High School Shooting
-Farmer wounded the student and then committed suicide.

Hostage Situation
-WHO: David and Doris Young
-WHAT: Took 150 students and teachers hostage
-WHEN: May 16, 1986
-WHERE: Cokeville Elementary School
-WHY: The Youngs were demaning $300 million
-HOW: Doris accidentally set off a bomb killing herself and injured 78 students and teachers. David wounded a teacher John Miller, who was trying to get away, and then committed suicide.
University Shooting
-WHO: Djamshid (Amir) Asagari, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Fawwaz Abdin (25 yrs. old) graduate student
-WHAT: Abdin shot Dr. Asagari twice
-WHEN: February 4, 1987
-WHERE: California State University Northridge, California
-WHY: Abdin was angry over a grade and demanded the grade be changed
-HOW: When Dr. Asagari was confronted in the stairwell in the Engineering Building by the student, he refused to change the grade he gave him a year ago which put him on academic probation. He was then shot and died later at the Northridge Hospital.
Response: Adbin committed suicide after shooting the professor.
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