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A deeper look at the possibility of building a new museum.

William Craig

on 11 August 2013

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Many people will come to the museum once, but how do you keep them coming every season?

Traveling exhibits give your museum the ephemeral hype that will draw in continual visitors.

In order to accommodate traveling exhibits, you must maintain strict temperature, humidity, and lighting requirements. You also must make it easy and simple for the traveling exhibit to enter and exit the museum, because of the liability the museum holds if artwork is damaged.
Breast cancer exhibits on awareness, causes, and treatments. We could even provide mammogram services.

We will include a Breast Cancer Society Center as an act of charity. A percentage of the entry fee could be donated to breast cancer research.
A sacred place of learning for all.
We are creating a museum.
Museum Making
What does that involve?
Business. How does a museum create revenue?
-Gift Shop
-Event space
(Purely Schematic)
Design Considerations
-Category 5 Hurricane Proof
-Capable of protecting artwork from Florida heat and humidity at all times.
-Adaptable to artwork or events(lighting, walls, tables, etc.)
-Security is paramount.
-Ease of access and storage to optimize maintenance.
-Easy loading and unloading of artwork.
Schematic Design
Initial Concept Ideas
A museum wouldn't exist unless it had something important and valuable to share with the public. This takes the form of gallery and exhibition space. The museum forms around these spaces.
Museums serve as educational places that interpret their collection, and let visitors experience it through this interpretive lens.
What is our collection?
Because the goals of the museum are central to the collection, we need to obtain, understand, and interpret the exhibit experiences and artwork that will comprise the museum.

This will require a curator.
Once we hire a curator, we can begin to create exhibits that portray the subject of the collection with our interpretation.
Possible Exhibits Include:
An interactive experience that heightens a woman's sense of beauty about herself.
Breasts around the World:
An exhibit that explores the diverse beauty of breasts from different races and cultures, and the different values associated with breasts in different cultures.
How do the breasts form?
What is their purpose? How do they work?
History, procedure, success stories
Underwater Sculpture Garden
Biography exhibit about Vijay Sharma
Breasts throughout Art History
Special collection of Dr. Janhavi's artwork.
-Traveling exhibitions
-Art Studio Workshops
-Medical Procedures?
-Scuba Lessons?
Medical Procedures
Coupling your practice with the museum could create a type of medical tourism within Tampa and beyond.
Scuba Diving Center
If you include an underwater sculpture garden near the museum, you need a scuba facility. This could become a scuba diving destination. Visitors could pay extra to learn to scuba and experience the garden.
Gift Shop
Most museum gift shops are afterthoughts and too small, when they have the most potential to generate daily revenue.
A nice restaurant can be a pull for visitors, and if it is well placed, it can facilitate events.
Businesses and organizations like to rent museum spaces for events if the space is beautiful, and the museum accommodates events well. This can be a huge revenue generator.
First, you must raise any critical spaces far above the storm surge's waves.
Round buildings are the strongest structural shape available to repel wind, rain, and debris, and to maximize volume with the least amount of material.
Round shapes can become literal metaphors for the subject of the museum.
Various artwork that glorifies the beauty of breasts.
There aren't any second chances when it comes to protecting priceless artwork.
We must design the building so that the artwork is at the safest point. We need secondary barriers in place in case of a disastrous breach.
We need an specialized HVAC system for the galleries and art storage.
-Track lighting allows for various lighting options for artwork and events.

-Temporary and movable walls for different exhibits spatial needs.

-Table, chair, stage, speakers; infrastructure and storage for a full variety of events in common space.
-Design for upkeep and cleaning to be simple and easy.

-Make ducts, lights, outlets, etc. as accessible as possible.

-Growing into a new building warrants more storage than you think.
Plan for on-site storage down to the room. Examples include specialty vacuum closet for galleries or table storage near the atrium.
If we can put our front door anywhere, we must design for the service entrance's functionality first. This facilitation determines the success or failure of being able to host traveling shows.

We need a good service entrance to handle the permanent collection, also.

If it is well designed, it can help every aspect of museum maintenance.
The Power of Breasts
Breasts in Current Events
"Topless Jihad" in Europe to fight for Muslim women's rights.
"Go Topless Day" marches for equal shirtless rights for women.
Permanent Galleries
Temporary Galleries
Gift Shop
Loading Dock
Sculpture Garden
Scuba Preparation
Breast Cancer
Society Center
Future Growth
Medical Practice
Mammography Lab
Art Studios
(Parking beneath to raise building above storm surge)
If the museum building is a metaphor for breasts, we can think of the comprising spaces as the glands that give the breasts' shape and carry out the breasts' function.
Utility ducts can mimic the milk ducts.
The parking deck below can become the ribs that support the breasts.
Artificial reefs to save coral species
Oscar Niemeyer
Case study for large curvilinear shapes
Santiago Calatrava
Case study for supporting and breaking up large curvilinear forms.
What could this building look like?
Bull Ring Shopping Center, Birmingham UK
Smooth curves. Breast-like texture
Curvy Envelope Systems
Le Corbusier Inspiration

Possible Design Concept
Create a strong, round base to resist powerful natural forces.
Use it to lift the important spaces far above the storm surge,
and begin to speak about the curves of the breasts.
Put parking in the base.
Using natural proportions, place a box on top of the base.
The resulting cantilever suggests the cantilever of the breasts off of the chest.
Place a large inverted dome in the atrium to bring in natural light, collect rainwater, and serve as an artistic sculptural element that resonates with the museum's theme.
Make the roof a public terrace.
Imagine the building derived from Dr. Janhavi artwork:
Sculpt away some cleavage, add jewelry and hair.
(footprint, forms, and foliage)
Because no natural breasts are perfectly symmetrical, neither is the museum.
Develop a unique façade treatment that protects against hurricanes, takes advantage of architectural lighting and natural light, and further drives home the concept.
Breast Health
Explanations, self examination techniques, and product recommendations for maintaining optimum breast health.
Positive Self Image
Plastic Surgury
Natural History
Gift Shop Potential
-Breast cancer awareness retail
-Women's breast health products
-Bras and custom fitting bras
-Novelty items
Design Inspiration:
What is our next step?
Possible Sunlight systems:
Iris-like contracting scissor
Rotating diffuser shades with louvers (Berlin Reichstag)
Media Facades
Cladding options and media effects are limited only by imagination.
Custom Bras
Women could be fitted for and purchase bras that fit them perfectly. A bra that fits does wonders for breast health.
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