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Primary Library Orientation- Jefferson

Library Orientation for students in grades K-2nd grade.

Kimberlee Osenga

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Primary Library Orientation- Jefferson

Meet Our Staff
Ms. Osenga,
Library Media Specialist
Mrs. Quitugua,
Library Clerk
Book Checkout
When you come to the library
you must use a shelf marker.
Let's watch and see how
to use a shelf marker.
You can checkout two books.
You can keep your
books for one week.
You must use your library
card to checkout books.
Return your books
before getting new ones.
Book Care
Keep books
away from
Do not drink or
eat near books.
Keep books out of reach
from younger brothers and
Use a bookmark
to hold your spot.
Keep books safe in your backpack if you carry water bottles or drinks.
If you take your book outside,
be sure to bring it inside when
you are finished reading it.
Book Fines
If you lose a book you
have to pay to replace it.
If you damage a book, please let
Ms. Osenga or Mrs. Hitchcock know.
Where can you find books?
You can find Everybody books in 3 different areas of the library.

Be Sure To Always Check Out!
Awards Books Section
What do you want to be
when you grow up?

Jefferson Library
Always use your
Use a quiet voice
Always use a
shelf marker.
Use walking feet.
Return your books
before getting new
Special Books
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