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"I dwell in Possibility -" Emily Dickinson #466

No description

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of "I dwell in Possibility -" Emily Dickinson #466

"I dwell in Possibility -" Emily Dickinson #466
* Emily loves her Iambic tetrameter...

* Weird capitals? All nouns.

* Dashes - suggests alternative word uses or a trailing thought.

* Rhyming of the second and fourth line of each stanza.
* Near rhymes in the first and last stanzas

Speaker, Diction and Tone
* The speaker - is it Emily Dickinson?

* The language is formal, indicative of her education level
* "Architectural language"

* The tone is wistful, fairytale-esque

Works Cited
The Home of Imagination
* Possibilities for "Possibilities"

* The Imagination/Poetry as a refuge

* Emily's Heaven

* Where her muse comes to visit

Oh, the Metaphors!
* Poetry and Prose as dwellings
* "Chambers as the Cedars"
* "The Gambrels of the Sky"
* Paradise - poetry/muse/state of creativity/Heaven
The Emily Dickison Lexicon


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