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What is a Robot?

Robotics Class presentation

Renata Copsey

on 12 August 2015

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Transcript of What is a Robot?

Oxford Dictionary
"a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.”
Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary
“a machine used to perform jobs automatically, which is controlled by a computer”
Main points to define Robot
American Heritage Dictionary
Is a Washing Machine a Robot?
Robotics Class
What is a Robot?
“A mechanical device that sometimes resembles a human and is capable of performing a variety of often complex human tasks on command or by being programmed in advance.

A machine or device that operates automatically or by remote control”
It has been manufactured and does not occur naturally.

Controlled by a computer
. Full size or small embedded micro-controller.

surrounding environment.

perform actions
and movements.
Is it artificial?
It is artificial.
Is it controlled by a computer?
Modern washing machines are controlled by a miniature computer inside.
Can it sense the surrounding conditions.
They can sense when the lid is open.
Can it perform actions and movements.
They perform movements by spinning the clothes back and forth.
Could a Railway Boom Gate be considered a Robot?
Is it artificial?
It is artificial.
Is it controlled by a computer?
They are controlled by a computer.
Can it sense the surrounding conditions.
They can sense when a train in coming.
Can it perform actions and movements.
They can raise and lower the boom gates.
Main Components of a Robot
Sensors - SENSE
"Feel" the surrounding environment.
Computation - THINK
Onboard computer to process from sensors.
Actuators - ACT
'Bits that move'. Motors, wheels, engines. Form of output.
Why do we have Robots?
What advantages are achieved by having robots in certain situations?
3D's - Dull, Dirty and Dangerous
1. Dull - industrial settings
2. Precision - accuracy
3. Dirty and Dangerous
4, Entertainment
Where did the term ROBOT come from?
Coined by Czech writer Karel Capek in his play - Rossum's Universal Robots, 1920

Czech's word 'robota' translates as 'forced work', 'slave', or 'servitude'.

1950 - first robot developed by George Devol - Ultimate Robot - lifted and stacked hot pieces of metal. General Moters bought one of the first Unimate.
Is the
Washing Machine
Could a
Railway Boom Gate
be considered
a robot?
do we
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