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Oxford Sixth Form Talk

Schools' presentation

Lynn Featherstone

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of Oxford Sixth Form Talk

Collegiate university Research University Facts & figures Faculties Libraries Labs Science parks c.18,000 students on average, 5 applicants per place male:female ratio c. 50:50 highest retention rates in UK 55% undergraduates from UK state schools The University & the colleges University-based teaching:
Field trips/language courses/study visits
Exams College-based teaching:
Personal Tutor College life Just Accommodation? Societies Sport Music & drama Choosing a college
visits/open days
open applications Choosing a course
alternative courses
career Applying to Oxford What do we look for in students? What don't we look for? Interest in subject Appropriateness for course Enthusiasm Motivation, commitment, organisation Intellectual flexibility Clarity of thought, analytical ability Vocational/professional commitment (where relevant) People from a particular type of background, school or postcode People who will ‘contribute to college life’ People with particular social skills People who will ‘fit in’ The Application Process Complete UCAS online application by 15 Oct Sit pre-interview test (early Nov) Submit written work (mid Nov) Attend interviews (early/mid Dec) Sit test at interview (early/mid Dec) Decisions & offers (late Dec/early Jan) Predicted A level grades
AS results
GCSE results
UCAS personal statement
UCAS reference
Admissions tests (if set)
Written work (if required)
Written test at interview (if set)
Interviews The Interview Academic, subject focused discussion: a mock tutorial or supervision; a two-way conversation about:
your current academic work at school or college
relevant wider reading or work experience
issues related to your subject visible in the wider world
new ways to apply your existing knowledge to previously unseen problems How can I prepare for my interview? The Outcome Typical offer:
A-Level: A A A / A* A A in some maths and science courses
IB: 38-40 (with 6 or 7 in specified subjects at higher level) Success rate is c. 20% Oxford is not the only fruit ... Investigate courses Choose A-level/IB options carefully, developing your interests and knowledge Explore your subject Talk to your teachers and get their support Work hard! Come to an Open Day Keep in touch! Academic and social communities Learning, teaching and research at all levels - undergradautes, postgraduates, lecturers, tutors and professors Colleges are responsible
for admitting students
to Oxford What next? ... True or false? True or false? True or false? True or false? ...and one final one You can’t apply to both Oxford and Cambridge in the same year 30% of Oxford students come from state schools Oxford’s main library has one million books Every British Prime Minister since the war who has got a degree went to Oxford On average, Oxford has twenty applicants to every one place www.facebook.com/
chchadmissions www.ox.ac.uk/
admissions www.chch.ox.ac.uk Over 100 libraries; over 11 million books; 80,000 magazine titles; 300 miles of bookshelves More than 10,000 computer terminals Museums in Art, History of Science, Natural History and Anthropology £2 billion of science facilities Resources Choosing a course Theoretical courses Career options Assessment Indepedent study Teaching methods Financial
University bursaries
College awards, grants and prizes
College grants and hardship funds Academic and pastoral
Counselling services
Disability Advisory Service
University and college students' unions Support and welfare Some career prospects?... Introducing the
University of Oxford Lynn Featherstone
Admissions Officer
Christ Church
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