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Child Development: 18 months

No description

stella ejiogu

on 17 October 2015

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Transcript of Child Development: 18 months

Child Development: 18 months

by: Alicia and Stella

October 12, 2015

Maternal Child Class

ITT College
Intellectual Milestones
- point to body part when asked

- follow 2 step command

- curious about objects

- identifies reflection in mirror

- pop bubbles

- unable to understand needs of others
Language Milestones
- may have vocab of 10 words
- imitates sounds
- will point to show you something
- uses "no" correctly, with a head shake
- tries to sing songs
-forms questions by making his voice rise at the end of the sentence... "Daddy go"
Age appropriate toys
- Sorting & Nesting Toys: great fun for trying out early skills
- Push-Pull Toys: strengthen their muscles
- Trucks/Tractors: stimulating imagination
- Baby walker: helps gain confidence in walking while giving them something to lean on
Works Cited
- Working with Young Children textbook
- www.fisherprice.com
- www.tumblon.com/milestones/age/18
Physcial Milestones
During the physical stage of development, children change drastically.
Child Development: 18 months
- walk alone
-crawl or walk upstairs one step at a time
-push and pull toys while walking
-climb on to things
-pick up and eat small pieces of food
-squat to pick up toys without falling
-drink from a cup
-try to kick a ball
- squeeze playdough
Social & Emotional Development Milestones
- comfortably explores away from parents
- throws frequent temper tantrums
- monitors adults reactions to behaviors
- waves"bye" and notices when parent leaves
- helps with household activities
- pushes and pinches others to explore, not to be mean
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