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on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Hera

Hera was a beautiful and graceful goddess,but don't be fooled by her looks she is very bossy!
Who's Prettier?
Once a mortal queen claimed to be more beautiful then her. Hera turned her into a crane.
The Apple
Roman Name
Hera's Roman name is Juno.
The name Juno comes from June. Most weddings are in June as she is the goddess of Marriage.
Hera is the goddess of marriage and childbirth.
Hera's Family
the Queen of Gods
and Goddesses

The Goddess in Charge
Hera featured in the legend of the Golden Apple of Discord. Eris,the goddess of discord, had not been invited to a feast. She threw a golden apple into the banquet of the gods and goddesses. The golden apple had "for the fairest" written on it and Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all claimed it. Paris, the prince of Troy, awarded it to Aphrodite beginning a chain of events that led to the Trojan War.
Cool facts about Hera
Her favorite types of flowers are the dittany, poppy and lily.
She was one of the 12 Olympian gods who reside on Mount Olympus.
She is often represented in art seated on a throne, holding a pomegranate in one hand and a scepter surmounted on a cuckoo in the other.
Goddesses often took the form of birds.
Hera helped Jason get the Golden Fleece. He could have never gotten it without her sponsorship.
Thank you for watching!!
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