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Hurricane Katrina and the Spheres

No description

Moriah Bullman

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Hurricane Katrina and the Spheres

Katrina & The Spheres
The Atmosphere is a layer that within it, has several other layers that surround the Earth.
How did Hurricane Katrina affect the Lithosphere?
the hurricane flooded the Lithosphere(land)
the water and wind from the hrricane caused erosion which destroyed trees, buildings and the Lithosphere
How did the Lithosphere affect Hurricane Katrina?
As the Katrina passed over the Lithosphere(land) the warm ocean water, which is the source of all hurricanes, isn't available anymore causing the storm to weaken the further away it is from water.
How did the Spheres affect each other?
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The biosphere didn't affect Hurricane Katrina.
How the biosphere affected Katrina
The Biosphere is all life on Earth. This includes humans, plants, animals, insects, etc.
705 people are still missing
80 percent of New Orleans was under water up to 6 meters deep.
Ruined habitats and homes......
Biosphere and how it was affected
Killed trees, animals, people
Many were forced to flee their homes
Help wasn't found for days
Floods destroyed cars
Over 15 million people were affected by Katrina whether it was due to economy, evacuation, gas prices, drinking water, injuries, and death.
40,000 approximately jobs were lost as a result of Katrina sending the Gulf Coast into a financial crisis
The death toll was 1,836 which made it 3rd deadliest hurricane in US history.
About 600,000 pets were killed or left in homes because of Hurricane Katrina
275,000 homes were lost. Ten times as many as any other natural disaster in US history.
Cost USA $110 billion in damages. Costliest hurricane in US history.
The question we are trying to answer is,

"How could future climate change impact the frequency and intensity of hurricanes?"
The answer is that the hurricanes become much more dangerous for several reasons.
The increased water vapor in the atmosphere leads to 5 to 10% more rainfall and increases the risk of flooding
When the sea level rises, that makes the storm more destructive.
Water vapor and ocean temperatures rise, this fuels the hurricane to make it stronger.
Global warming made Hurricane Katrina more destructive than it would have been without it, through sea level rise, warmer ocean temperatures, and other influences. This is proof of the climate change impact.
More works cited
How the biosphere affects other spheres
Atmosphere- When plant matter dies and decomposes, methane and CO2 are released into the atmosphere, increasing the amount of greenhouse gasses.
Hydrosphere- All living things need water so they get that water from the hydrosphere.
Lithosphere-The absence of plants could lead to an increase in erosion, washing away of soil
How it affected Katrina
The Troposphere is a layer of the Atmosphere that is where all weather takes place within Earth, which means this is where the climate change of different regions are as well. Scientists have identified that climate change, which is a major cause of global warming, as one of the indicators to the frequency of hurricanes. Global Warming causes sea levels to rise and make oceans warmer which is just what Hurricane Katrina got itself into. These conditions also cause traumatic flooding and heavy rain to the coastal areas.
The Future Climate in the Atmosphere
The future of how climate will continue to impact hurricanes depends on these factors:
The amount of Greenhouse Gases that are released into the atmosphere
How the climate reacts to the increase of those gases ( Temperature, precipitation, sea level)
Natural influences on climate ( Volcanic activity, sun intensity, changes in ocean circulation pattern)
Lithosphere V. Atmosphere
The rain falls from cloud in the atmosphere(air) onto the lithosphere (land) and creates streams, rivers & lakes
Lithosphere V. Hydrosphere
Flooding rivers(hydrosphere) wash away soil(lithosphere)
Rain(hydrosphere) falls on land(lithosphere) and creates rivers, lakes & streams
How Katrina Affected the Hydrosphere
Pollution from the damage that Katrina caused was released into the water sources. Flooding also contaminated ground water. Thousands were without fresh water because of the pollutants in the environment.
How it Affected the Other Spheres
Thousands of people were affected by the hurricane as well as plant and animal life. New Orleans was under water for a long time and people went homeless. Wildlife was destroyed by the violent winds and constant high water levels and there were countless numbers of stray pets in the streets.
Soil was eroded away and was washed into the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River.
The water that powered the hurricane was evaporated into the atmosphere and then fell as precipitation.
Warm water from the Gulf of Mexico powered the storm. There was continuous flooding caused by torrential rain. The water caused billions of dollars in damage.
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Lithosphere V. Biosphere
Rivers cause erosion on banks(lithosphere) and tears up plants(biosphere)
Fields(lithosphere) allows humans(biosphere) to survive by growing food
The lithosphere is the land
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