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Maternal Health and Self-help Group: Improving health communcation

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Yizhe Xu

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Maternal Health and Self-help Group: Improving health communcation

Maternal Health and Self-help Group: Improving health communication for better health
Health Burden
Mission Convergence
The Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi
Feb 2008
127 Gender Resource Centers
1.9 million – 2.6 million households
Making Changes!
Gender Resource Center
@ Jasola Vihar
The Community
Jaishankar Memorial Center
* Field NGO
ChildFund India
* Mother NGO
Center For Advocacy & Research
* South District Resource Center
Yizhe Xu
Summer 2013
in Jasola Vihar, New Delhi, India

2% maternal death rate (UNICEF, 2013)
50% of maternal deaths occur before age 25
Lifetime maternal death risk is 1 in 37 (Gupte et al., 2001, p450)
75% (NFI, 2007, p185) pregnant women are anemic
37% women attend at least 4 antenatal care (UNICEF, 2013, p145)
50% of girls are given away in marriage before age 18
52% women received skilled attendance (UNICEF, 2013)
33.2% households living in houses that are not in good condition
Community based intervention proved successful in many cases around the world
Jasola Self-help groups are really motivated in health promotion
Some Self-help groups associated community based interventions proved successful in India
A significant number of free or low cost health services are available in Jasola
Local Needs
• Improve attendance of health clinic, health camp and nutrition camp at the GRC
• Improve local awareness of available governmental health resource
• Reduce maternal death and newborn death incidence rate
Local Constraints
• Lack of awareness of local free or low cost public health services
• Low degree of women’s autonomy
• Low level of female literacy
• Low level of family planning practice
• Far distance as well as expansive and inconvenient transportation to government dispensary and hospitals for free and low cost institutional delivery

Call for Action
4 women’s Self-Help Groups (SHGs)
164 women
different age group
diverse religious background
The intervention group
receive a pregnancy card and tracking form
the same services that the control group received
The Control group
receive the regular services of government and non-governmental organizations through the Jasola GRC and other organizations present in Jasola
Health Communication Tool
Pregnancy Diary Card
a original idea came from community mobilizers
a content came from the community with information they want to keep track of
message, action items, information of health resources
The Benefit
The ownership of health
social connection
Optimize pregnancy identification and follow-up
Safe community mobilizer's time
Thank You!
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