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Tedx prezi

Team Chimera

Bhaumik Bhandari

on 27 July 2014

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Transcript of Tedx prezi

What is it All About ?!!
Who supports us
Team Chimera
Our Goal
We aim at making RVCE as the center for Hybrid Vehicle technology
Hybrid technology involves the combination of two or more sources of energy for the propulsion of the vehicle.
Our first project involved the development of a commercially viable Hydrolyser Kit, which used water to extract Hydrogen. This hydrogen was mixed with the fuel mixture making it richer, and gave better Economy. The kit was practically tested on a Hybrid Auto which was adjuged the
Best Business plan
in '
Hybrid Auto Battle
' conducted by Dutch NGO
, in the year 2009

Second project involved the conversion of an Electric only vehicle Reva-i into a Hybrid Car by inclusion of an IC engine. This Hybrid Car has won many accolades on a global level by being one of the few student teams, and the only one from India, to successfully participate in the prestigious ‘
Challenge Bibendum
’ by
in Berlin



What we have done?
Participate in the FSAE-Hybrid competition which is organised by SAE and IEEE at Thayer School of Engineering in New Hampshire, U.S.A.

To be involved in the constant improvement of our Reva-Hybrid making it a more commercially viable solution

To be involved in core Research and Development activities, publishing papers and applying for patents in the long run.
Our plans for future
Hybrid platform is open to new
If you want to do anything new, we will always encourage you

Ours is not an Event-based but a Research-based team
Here you are not restrained by any boundaries, You can

in the True sense of the word

Dedicated Sponsorship and Publicity teams
Improving your communication and marketing skills
Opportunities for new comers
We are involved with advancing the Hybrid Automotive Technology and implementing it in Real life scenario.
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