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Tesla Final Presentation

No description

Kimberly Mattuchio

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Tesla Final Presentation

Marketing Strategy
No traditional paid advertising
Performance and technology speaks for itself
New sales and distribution model
Create Buzz
Operations Strategy
Reflects the Treacy and Wiersema strategy framework
Operation and Marketing Integration
Price skimming in order to execute "Master Plan"
Showrooms as a means of direct selling
Operations has failed to keep up with the tone of advertisements
Triple Bottom Line
Employee reviews mostly negative (glassdoor)
Major weakness
Early stages of company profits -- might be the reason for lack of charity efforts
Tesla could do more community service or donations in the future
Environmentally sustainable vehicles
Price skimming
Government subsidies
Record high share prices for the company
Tesla Motors
Business Strategy
Focus on sustainability
Tesla supercharger stations have free charging for Tesla owners
All vehicles are custom-ordered from showrooms
Target Market

Wealthy and trendy early adopters
Successful professionals
Upper middle class
Tech savvy
Family oriented
High-end electric car company
Operational Excellence
Knowledgeable product specialists
Ease of delivery
Assemble-to-order supply chain
Elon Musk's "Master Plan"
Product Leadership
First all-electric vehicle
can travel up to 265 miles per charge
Voted one of the safest cars ever tested by the National Highway Traffic Association
Customer Intimacy
Product specialists and showrooms rather than salespeople and dealerships
Employees don't work on commission therefore there is less pressure to buy
Business and Marketing Integration
Generate demand for its vehicle leading to better sales
Build long-term brand awareness and manage corporate reputation
Manage its existing customer base to create loyalty and customer referrals
Enable customer input into the product development process
Business Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Business and Marketing Integration
Operations Strategy
Operations and Marketing Integration
Triple Bottom Line
Key Takeaways
Tesla Motor still has a long way
to go
Operations still has not met the marketing strategy
Triple Bottom Line
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