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Mercy Son and Keona Garland's Presentation

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lib hist

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Mercy Son and Keona Garland's Presentation

The Medal Of Honor
The medal of honor was first established on December 12, 1861 by President Abraham Lincoln. the medal was "to be bestowed upon such non commissioned officers and privates as shall most distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action, and other soldierlike qualities, during the present insurrection."
Ernest West
Rank: Private First Class
Birth: September 2, 1931
Issue Date: 01-12-1954
Place: Korea
Gordon Roberts
Rank: Specials Fourth Class
Birth: June 14 1950 Middle Town
Place: Vietnam
Issue Date: 11 July 1969
The Medal of Honor
There are 3500 Medal of Honor recipients, all of them have great stories, here are some of the ways 4 regular people turned out to be our country's greatest heroes.
Ernest West
Gordon Roberts
Mercy Son and Keona Garland's Presentation
Ernest west was in the US army during the Korean war. During the war, his unit was ambushed near Sataeri on that day, he ran through heavy fire to rescue his wounded commander, Capt. George Gividen. As he was pulling the man to safety, three hostile soldiers attacked. West shielded the commander with his body and killed the attackers with his rifle, suffering a wound which resulted in the loss of his eye in the process. Despite this injury, he remained on the field and assisted in the evacuation of other wounded men.
The Three Versions of the
Medal of Honor
Gordon graduated high school than enlisted in the U.S Army. He trained at Fort Benning,Georgia and then intended in Pantry School. He was deployed to the Republic of Vietnam in April 1969. Gordon was awarded both silver and bronze star. Gordon singlehandedly wiped out three machine gun nests. He saved the lives of 20 fellow soldiers. He returned back to the U.S in June 1970 after 14 months being in Vietnam. Almost a year later he was awarded the Medal of Honor March 2nd 1971. Gordon was also one of the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient.

Tibor Rubin
Rank: Corpoal
Birth: June 18, 1929
Issue: 09-23-2005
Place: Republic of Korea
Tibor Rubin
Francis Currey
Francis Currey was a Private First class in the U.S. Army. On the 21st of December in 1944, during World War II, Currey was defending a strong point near Malmedy, Belgium, when the enemy launched a powerful attack. After prolonged fighting, the german tanks advanced to their platoon,s position, forcing them to hide out in a nearby factory. Sgt. Currey found a bazooka- a short-range tubular rocket launcher used against tanks- and crossed the street to secure the rockets while undergoing fire from enemies. He, and a companion managed to knock down a tank with machineguns, artillery fire, and small-arms. Sgt. Currey then emerged from cover and moved forward alone to within 50 yards of the home, planning to wreck it only to reveal 5 Americans who had been pinned down for hours by fire from the house. Knowing that they could not escape until everything had been silenced. Sgt. Currey launched grenades while under heavy enemy fire, driving the tankmen from the vehicle into the house. He then proceeded to climb in full view of the Germans and fired a machine gun at the house. He manned another machinegun whose crew had been killed: under his covering fire the 5 soldiers were able to retire safely. Sgt. Currey was responsible for loss of men and material on the enemy, and for rescuing 5 comrades, 2 of whom were wounded
During the Korean War, On October 1950, Rubin and his company needed to find a route to retreat from their positions, so Rubin single-handedly defended a hill for 24 hours and help off scores of North Korean troops. This alone was enough to earn him four recommendations for the Medal of Honor and numerous other military awards. Also, during the war Rubin and some of the survivors of his company were captured by the Koreans and were placed in a camp. Throughout the nights that they were there Rubin snuck out every night to get food to help his fellow men survive. His acts of bravery and compassion kept between 35-40 people alive until they were finally set free.
Francis Currey
high respect ; esteem
the ability to do something to that frightens one
Great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.
A devoted love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty

These 4 people and many more american soldiers have risked their lives for this country. And I think sometimes we forget that thousands of people have died for us all to live in such a safe place, I know I forget that. Most of us are so focused on our own lives and we don't know whats happening in those wars, we don't know what it feels like to see people die every single day and still keep moving on. Watching some of the most gruesome things happen on a daily basis must be one of the hardest things to do. whenever we have bad days all of us should thing that someone out there died for me and I didn't even get to thank them. If possible, give your thanks to the people that are willingly giving up their own lives for our future, so we can keep living like this.
Thank you to these four men that have put their life in danger for other people's safety. a
Thank You
Thank you for patiently listening and watching our presentation.
Ernest West-As he was puling a man to safety, three hostile soldiers attacked. West shielded the commander to safety and managed to kill the att ckers with his rifle, losing his eye in the procces
Gordon Roberts- After being awarded the silver and bronze star, on that same day, Roberts single-handedly wiped out three machinegun nests, saving the lives of over 20 people.
Tibor Rubin-Although his commander kept putting him in dangerous situations, Rubin did not complain and kept doing what had to be done.
Francis Currey - Currey could have easily left those 5 people to die in the building as it would be hard to save them, but Currey did not give up.
Ernest West- Even after West lost his eye, he still continued to pull men to safety
Gordon Roberts - Although being discharged already, Roberts went back into action, risking his life once more and saving thousands.
Tibor Rubin - Rubin is not American and yet he chose to sacrifice himself for americans, Rubin felt that it was a way of gratitude for saving his life during the holocaust
Francis Currey-Currey repeatedly exposed himself to hostile fire to attack the German forces and rescue five comrades who had been pinned down by enemy fire
Gordon Roberts- After being discharged during the Vietnam war Roberts returned to the army and becoming an officer after 18 years of being a social worker.
Francis Currey- Currey performed heroic actions that caused his enemy to withdraw from the field of battle
Tibor Rubin - After failing to enlist in the US army due to not being able to speak english, Rubin could have easily given up, but he didnt. Rubin tried once again to get into the army, and he did.
Erneest West- After being shot in the eye, west continued to save the two other c
Tibor Rubin- Rubin was denied entry to the U.S army and he re-applied the army so he could thank the U.S for rescuing him from the holocaust.
Francis Currey- although being exposed to the germans under heavy fire Currey still managed to rescued 5 Americans pinned down for hours by fire from the house and tanks
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