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Haley Hyde

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Crayon Melting By:Haley Hyde
1st period CRAYOLA CRA-Z-ART VS My questions: Which brand of crayons keep the richest color when melting? Which brand of crayons sustains the color when melting? Which brand of crayons is the easiest/quickest to melt? My Hypothesis I think that the Crayola crayons will have a better overall color richness/melt the fastest because Crayola crayons are the best quality. The Variables Independent: Brand of crayons (Crayola vs. Cra-Z-Art) Dependent: Result of the crayons (how well they melted/color quality) Control: Crayola Crayons I have seen so many pictures and videos on crayon melting. some like: That is where I became curious. I wanted to know what brand worked well enough to look as good as it does in those pictures. of course, I had to do my research. What I found: The two basic ingredients of crayons are Pigment (color) (color) and Wax. How they make the crayons: The mixture is heated until it melts into a liquid. Crayons melt at 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). The mixture is heated to 190 degrees F (82 C). The liquid is poured into a preheated mold full of hundreds of crayon-shaped holes. Cool water (55 F, 13 C) is used to cool the mold, allowing the crayon to be made in 3 to 9 minutes My Experiment What you need: Crayons (Crayola and Cra-Z-art) Poster/Canvas Hot glue gun/hot glue
Hair dryer A lot of patience... And Procedures: 1. Organize the crayons. I put my crayons in rainbow order to make it more uniform, you can put them at random if you want to be more artistic with it. 2. Get your canvas out and make sure they all fit. Be sure not to get any marks on the canvas to make it cleaner. It makes it easier to compare. 3. Warm up your hot glue gun. When gluing your crayons on your canvas, you want the brand name out. That way when you melt the crayons you melt at the same point in both experiments. 4. After gluing on your crayons, you get to do the fun part. Melting the crayons. I melted my crayons outside because I knew it was going to be a messy project. When melting the crayons you want an equal heat distribution throughout. That way when you are melting the crayons it will melt evenly. Take note on how the crayons are melting and which colors melt easier/quicker. 5. Let the wax cool when you are done. Data When dealing with color quality, I found that after melting the Cra-Z-Art crayons, the color became almost translucent. While the Crayola crayons had a nice, rich, sustained color throughout. When dealing with how fast the crayons melted,
I found that Crayola crayons melted considerably slower then Cra-Z-Art crayons. That is due to the amount of Pigment (color) they use in the wax. My Conclusion: Crayola crayons had a richer color, and a smoother effect. Not to mention how much better it looked. I found that the Cra-Z-Art crayons, even though they melted faster, had a very poor quality to them. The color of the Cra-Z-Art crayons ended up being translucent almost. The quality was very poor compared to the quality of the Crayola crayons. I definitely recommend doing this project, but I recommend not to waste money on generic brands or other crayons that are really waxy. If it feels really waxy when you color with them they will melt unclean and not uniform, as I noticed in my experiment. Just a tip, do this outside on boxes or on a couple posters.
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