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Conference Committee on the Application of Standards

No description


on 19 March 2018

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Transcript of Conference Committee on the Application of Standards

Standing Orders of the Conference:

The Committee is called upon to consider:

Working documents
Standards System
Conventions and Recommendations adopted by the International Labour Conference

CAS - Working Schedule (D.O)
Cases of "serious failure"
Failure to respect reporting and other standards-related obligations (criteria in Doc. D.1)
Conference Committee on the Application of Standards
Supervision of their application by member States

CAS and CEACR are the two bodies in charge of the regular supervisory procedure

Individual Cases

CAS adopts the list of individual cases
(Criteria for selection in D.1 and on the dedicated Committee's webpage)
Informal information session
Examination of individual cases
CAS Report
Part I
CAS General Report
(including general discussion and discussion of the General Survey)
Measures taken by member States to give effect to ratified Conventions

Reports under article 19 of the Constitution, on unratified Conventions and/or Recommendations (General Survey)

Mandate of the CAS

Submission of Conventions and Recommendations
to the competent authorities
(article 19 of the Constitution)

Report of the Committee of Experts (Report III (A))

General Survey (Report III (B))
2018: Ensuring decent working time
for the future

"D" documents prepared by the Office

will be made available
on the Committee's dedicated web page during the course of the work of the Committee

Election of Officers
Opening Statements
Adoption of Doc. D.1
Adoption of the list of cases

General discussion

Discussion of General Survey
Cases of serious failure to comply with standards-related obligations
Beginning of examination of individual cases

Combination of independent legal supervision with tripartite supervision by the ILO Constituents
Conference Committee on the Application of Standards (CAS)
Morning session
Afternoon session
Examination of

individual cases
Time management
for the spokespersons of the Workers’ and the Employers’ groups;
for Government groups;
for the other members;
for the concluding remarks of the spokespersons of the Workers’ and the Employers’ groups
Dedicated sitting on Wednesday 30 May

Governments' observations are to be made in a single intervention covering all cases of non-compliance
(articles 22, 23 and 35 of the ILO Constitution)
General Report and
on the application
of ratified Conventions
CAS adopts its Report
CAS Report adopted
by ILC in plenary
(Work of the Committee)
(double-footnoted cases)
Automatic registration of cases
representative &
Employers’ and
Workers’ spokespersons
Other members
Concluding remarks
Adoption of conclusions during dedicated sittings

CAS may decide to draw the attention of the Conference to the more serious cases of violation (special paragraphs)

on individual cases
Part II
Record of the proceedings on individual cases

Minutes of the sittings ("PVs")
Summary of interventions in corresponding working language

available online

Amendments to be sent electronically at
Government groups,
employers and workers
from country concerned
Examination of individual cases
Committee of Experts on the Application
of Conventions and Recommendations
Written information may be submitted by Governments (D documents)
to start

This year, the registration will begin with countries starting with the letter "O"
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