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clock directions

No description

Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of clock directions

clock directions
how to change batteries in a clock
Step 1
1. First you have to take the clock off the wall or where ever it is. After that put the clock on a safe and flat surface that you can work on.
Step 2
2. Next you take out the battery or batteries in the clock. Grab the top of the battery on one side and pull the battery up. So there will be an open space where the battery was.
Step 3
step 4
step 5

5. Put the clock back on the wall or where ever you want it to be, so you know the time!
Next you get some new batteries and take them out of the package. Put it in the spot that you took out the old battery. If you forget how you took out the old battery then there is plus and minus signs to direct you.
4. If the clock is not the right time when you put the batteries back in the clock.Then there is a knob on the back of the clock. You twist it until the time matches the time that it is on your phone, oven, microwave, car or TV.
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