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austin mitchell

on 19 March 2014

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What aspects or events of the poem/story lend themselves to this particular lens?

What events or aspects of this movie would lead someone to this lens?
-The obvious aspect of evil consuming the good.
-This is illustrated through the actions of Anakin as the darkness takes him over.
Cite specific textual passages that support this reading.
-Anakin turns towards the Darkside by following the Sith Lord.
-He kills younglings and tries to kill Obi Wan.
Using this lens, we think this means...
...Evil is very tempting and can cause a man to turn against all his morals and beliefs about humanity.
If you look through this lens, what questins emerge?
-Is there any turning back once you have gone to the Darkside?
-Is the Darkside truly stronger?
Do you believe in this lens?
-Yes, I believe that evil can overcome good, for we are all given the ability to choose one side or the other. Also, power can be very tempting.
-This lens is also the most
obvious and is related to
the theme of Star Wars;
Good vs. Evil.
As Anakin begins to turn towards the Darkside he also turns against the republic and his own friends and family. He becomes a threat to society and possibly the galaxy. He also turns against his own friend and mentor, Obi Wan who is the true protagonist in the movie.
Defiant Anti-Hero
Anakin Skywalker goes from being known as the chosen one to bring balance to the Force, to betraying the Jedi and becoming one of the most powerful Sith lords ever. He also loses the innocence that he once had, as he became completely evil
The Fall
-When Anakin is defeated by Obi Wan, he is then rebuilt or reborn into Darth Vader. His morality that he had before he turned to the Darkside has died. And a ne life has begun.
Death and Rebirth
The Jedi represent the good, and the Sith represent the evil. The two forces collide throughout the six movies, with the Jedi eventually prevailing despite the power of the Sith.
Battle between Good and Evil
- There is internal conflict between the main character

- Anakin is struggling to find out what he is meant to do and which side he should pick. He is torn between the dark power that is within him and the influences of good from the Jedis
Cite specific textual passages that support this reading
- Obi Wan says to Anakin "You have let this dark lord twist your mind and now you've become the very thing you swore to destroy."
Using this lens, we think this means...
...the internal conflict within Anakin and his continuous struggle between good and evil is the overlying theme of the entire movie.
If we look through this lens, what questions will emerge?

What causes his continual struggle with good and evil?
Did something happen in his childhood that affects the way he thinks and makes decisions in his life now?
Do you believe in this lens? Why or why not?
Yes we do believe in this lens. Anakin was the chosen one since birth. He was destined to destroy the sith, but there was a small amount of evil in him that Yoda saw. Once his mother was killed the anger and wrath began to become more prevalent and triggered his ordeals with the dark and light side.
- Padme says to Anakin, "Anakin, you're breaking my heart. You're going down a path that I can't follow."
Chewbacca is the "friendly beast" from Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith on through the last 3 episodes. We find him helping Yoda in the battle of Kashyyyk, and thanks to him, and many others of his kind, they were able to hold off the empire from taking over their planet. In the later movies, he helps the light side fight off the dark side.
Friendly Beast
What aspects or events of the movie lend themselves to this particular lens?
No woman is in a position of power, the entire Jedi Counsel is comprised of only men.
Women are viewed as inferior to males such as Padme to Anakin
Cite specific textual passage(s) that support this reading
"You will not take her from me!"
"And I'm doing it for you... to protect you"

Both quotes show how she is inferior to him and how she is viewed as a possesion and not as an independent woman.
Using the Feminist lens, we think this means...
There is a huge gap in social standing between males and females in the star wars universe. The men in this movie make up most of the jedi if not all of them. Men are superior to women... in this movie
If you look through this lens, what questions emerge?
Why are women inferior to men in Star Wars?
Why can't females play a bigger role in this film?
Do you believe in this lens? Why or why not?
Yes I believe in the feminist lens. Women play such an insignificant role in the movie and it is quite apparent how the men are seen as superior to them. The Jedi Counsel is made up of the most powerful Jedi's in the galaxy... but not a single one is a woman. Anakin is the most powerful Jedi at the time and Padme, the most powerful woman, but with a simple clench of the fingers we can see exactly how powerful Anakin is and how dominant the men are over the women.

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