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Fickle Fate

To accompany a SOLO Taxonomy lesson for Y10 iGCSE

Laura Sutherland

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Fickle Fate

Is the tragedy of 'Romeo & Juliet' due
to choice or chance? What is the role
of fate in the play? What is Fate? Where Next? I can list lots of
examples of fate
at play in the story. SOLO LEVELS You can start work at unistructural level
to make sure you have sufficient background knowledge.

You can start with higher SOLO strategies to use your existing ability and background knowledge.

Don't be afraid to aim high but don't worry if you find you have to go back a step.

10 minutes before the end of the lesson you will form mixed level groups to feedback your ideas to help you answer the question. The Choice is Yours Look at your IGCSE Literature mark scheme. How do the types of thinking you have used today translate to the skills you need to achieve the best possible grade?

What else can you discover about ideas of fate in Elizabethan England. Work in pairs. One research Calvin and the other Luther. What did these two theologians think about predestination?

Revise some of the scenes and events discussed in today's lesson. What language devices does Shakespeare use? What imagery suggests fate is at play in the lives of the characters? Make notes that would help you analyse quotes in detail.

Turn SOLO into an essay plan. The Unistructural leanring can be used as an introduction, the Multistructural to help you start paragraphs with good topic sentences and Relational / Extended Abstract to help you analyse and argue. Is the tragedy of 'Romeo & Juliet' due to choice or chance?

What is the role of fate in the play? I can compare specific events or quotes and discuss the differences between chance and choice I can use my knowledge to
ask whether the final events
of the story are due to chance or choice. Prestructural
I'm not sure about this subject Unistructural I have one idea about this subject Multistructural
I have several ideas about
this subject Relational
I can link my ideas
together to see the
big picture Extended Abstract
I can look at these ideas
in a new and different way Is the tragedy of 'Romeo & Juliet' due to choice or chance?
What is the role of fate in the play?
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