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Lunch and Learn

No description

Erik Smith

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Lunch and Learn

Presented by: WELCOME 130+ years of collective experience A Collaborative Effort to Support
Healthy Families Featuring: What We Offer 130+ Years experience
working with adolescents
and their families. Expertise Options Collaboration Amanda H. McMullen We work in the best interest of the child and family, period.
We work with clinicians to find the best possible learning environment when the current situation is not working for an adolescent or young adult. Our in-depth knowledge of the programs allows us to match each child with the “best-fit” therapist. We work with the family to set up transport mediators, if needed. We follow the students progress; providing updates to the family and clinicians, and help with any additional placements or support. (hand holding)
Graham Shannonhouse Trails Carolina works with young men and women ranging from 10-13 years (youth) and 13-17 (adolescent). Our clinically proven methods work well with:
* Family conflict * Low self-esteem * Depression * Anxiety * Defiant behavior
* Adoption * Substance abuse * Manipulative behavior * Poor academic achievement
* Learning differences * ADHD * Trauma * Attachment
Audrey Peavey Respect | Honesty | Professional Conduct | Compassion
Caring and respect based therapeutic adolescent transportation
Adult interventions and transportation | Professional, qualified and well-trained
interventionists | Over 80 interventionists nationwide | Caring, efficient and compassionate staff to assist parents throughout the process
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