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Paper Towns

No description

Abby Woods

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Paper Towns

Paper Towns
John Green
Point of Veiw
Main Conflict
The main conflict is finding Margo. The clues she leaves behind are very vague and hard to follow.
This book has many different conflcts, Man VS Society - Man VS Self - Man VS Man.
Internal conflict - Margo ran away because of the pressure of being a "Paper girl", in a "Paper Town". Q was put up to the challenge of finding Margo when she left not so simple clues behind.
Techniques used by author
"Thank You, Annoying McMasterGrammican" Pg.50 Humor
"He'd kill both of us if he woke up" Drama Pg.65
"...Cold Comfort" Pg. 247 Oxymoron
"These kids, they are like tied down heluim balloons." Pg. 104 Analogy
"...Margo's blue eyes staring at me." Pg. 25 Direct.
"Great'," Ben said rolling his eyes "Poetry." "What's wrong with that?" I asked. "Poetry is just so emo." Pg. 114 Indirect.
"...Not skinny, but that's the whole point of you; the point of you is that you don't look like a boy" Pg. 50 Direct.
Theme - Implided - Pg 305
305 pages
Realistic Fiction
Orlando, Florida
Algoe, New York
First person

"Not much" I answered"

Pg. 55
The flashback takes us back to when Margo and Q were little kids. As they ride on their bikes to Jefferson Park, they had no clue they were about to find the one thing that makes Margo become a mystery. A dead man. This man had killed himself the night before, and he was drenched in his own blood. This memory changes Margo.
Part One is almost all foreshadowing into what happens to Margo. At the end of Part One Margo tells Q "I. Will. Miss. Hanging. Out. With. You."(Pg. 81). This tells you she knows she is leaving, but at this time in the book, you have many theories as to what she means by this.
Pg. 4-6
Pg. 81
Quentin 'Q' Jacobson
Margo Roth Spiegelman
Margo's High School
Margo's Parents
Margo's Clues
Clues becoming jumbled - no sleep - no graduation - car crash - Margo running away
Falling Action
As Q and the other finally settle in on the fact that Margo as not expecting them to actually find her, Q decides it is time to talk to her alone, and that is hen Q finds out the girl he loves has been in love with him too, and he begins to understand why she has to leave the "Paper Town".
They kiss, in the dead of night, underneith the stars, for the last time, because she is no longer the "Paper girl" she once was.
The introduction is a flashback, that tells the story of the to kids(Margo and Q) finding a dead body, of a suicidal man, in the park. This tells why Q sees Margo as such a mystery.
When they finally find Margo, the are thankful to not find her the same way Q and Margo found the man in the park, but when she blows up they finally realized why Margo left. She couldn't be that "Paper girl" anymore.
Rising Action
The rising action starts when they(Margo and Q) start their adventure. While getting revenge on all Margo's lying friends, Q begins to learn Margo isn't the girl he has loved since he was ten. She has secrets. Lots of them, so when the love of his life goes missing, what does he do? He finds the clues she always leaves behind, and sets off on a journey to find her!
Once he finally pieces it all together, he goes, taking his companions, Radar, Ben, and Lacey all the to the Paper Towns of Algoe, New York.
Humorous - Hopeful - Romantic
Humorous: "Did you just use greek mythology to talk trash?" I asked. Radar laughed. Ben started pummbeling buttons, shouting "Eat it goblin! Eat it like Zeus ate Metis"
Pg. 107
Hopeful: "The clues were mine! the doors were mine!!" Pg 133
Romantic: "Our foreheads touch as we stare at each other. Yes, i can see her almost perfectly in this perfectly cracked darkness." Pg. 305
I believe the theme of this book was that people come and go, but even so the memories that these people leave behind is more important than the person who has moved on and left behind, and sometimes the mysteries of these people is put together to be solved..
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