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Selena Gomez

No description

Mariam Altaji

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez 1992 Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22, 1992 to Amanda Cornett and Ricardo Gomez in New York. But her mother took her away to her hometown Grand Prairie, Texas. Selena Gomez was raised in modern times. Selena's mother divorced and married Brian Teefey. Selena is 75% mexican and 25% italian because her dad is a full mexican and her mom is half mexican half italian. Selena had chores, she needed to mop and sweep. She loved to hear music while she was working. Her hobbies were dancing, relaxing, watching movies, and cheer leading. When Selena Gomez was a child, her personality trait was honesty because she always said the truth. She was also open minded because she listened to other people and respected their ideas. After graduating from high school, Selena Gomez realized she had learned a lot and now she is planning to go to the university.
Selena Gomez was educated in Danny Jones Middle School. She was never a popular girl at school. Selena was the captain of the cheer leading team at school. Selena Gomez lives in Los Angeles, California.
California's capital city is Sacramento and it's population is 38,041,430. Selena Gomez is not married but she had a famous boyfriend called Justin Bieber. They broke up on a Japanese restaurant. Selena Gomez is study to be a great actress and singer but she already is! She has accomplished so many things such as doing a movie with her "BFF" Demi Lovato. The movie is called "Princess Protection Program." Her biggest accomplishment was winning a Grammy award for best song of the year. Selena Gomez's obstacles were that her mom asked her to move to another place because she didn't like having to many paparazzi around their house. Another obstacle is that paparazzi are always following her. She cannot live a life in peace. Selena Gomez traveled to Ghana in West Africa where she works for Unicef by helping people with medicines and clean water.
I consider Selena Gomez a hero because she does things for kids in need. She encourages people to reduce and recycle materials like plastic bottles so we can have a cleaner planet. Selena Gomez is a hero because she is not only a great singer, but she does a lot of things to help others.
Selena Gomez has made the world better because she is a spoke person for Unicef which is an international organization that raises money for underprivileged children around the world. A spoke person is a person who represents that organization. I have learned from her to be perseverant and always to follow my dreams, even if there is an obstacle, don't give up my dreams. Selena is a risk taker because she took chances for greater success. 1997 Selena's parents got divorced because they were fighting to much. 2003 Selena Gomez started acting on "Barney" with Demi Lovato. 2008 2009 Selena had her first concert. She was very nervous that something wrong will happen. Selena Gomez sold her first album called "The Scene". Sources:
www.wikepedia.com Texas
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