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The Mark of Athena

No description

Adi Rao

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of The Mark of Athena

The Mark of Athena
The war with Geae is growing and the Greeks need the Roman's help. The only way to get their help is to find the Athena Parthanos. Annabeth is sent in an adventure to save Athens' lost possession.

Themes such as friendship, loyalty, and trust resonate throughout the story. The main theme is hubris and its implications. Hubris is the cause for the main villian, Arachne's downfall. Her story examplifies how self confidence clouds judgment. "'I see no flaw!' she announced"(556). "Arachne wriggled, trying to back up. The woven tunnel contracted around her and held her fast (556).
Point of View
This novel by Rick Riordan is written in third person omniscient. He writes each chapter from a different main character's view. This method helps the reader connect with each and every main character. Riordan states, "Annabeth wanted to strangle the guy"(207), but he also describes Percy's feelings, "Percy felt a twinge of sadness"(180).
The conflict in this story is Person vs. Supernatural. Although the demi-gods have their own powers the powers of Arachne far surpass those of Annabeth. The main conflict is between Annabeth and the weaver, Arachne.
The story takes place in present times. The protagonists' adventure takes place in present day. Pop culture references are used throughout the novel. “Hercules,huh? Percy frowned. "That guy was like the Starbucks of Ancient Greece. Everywhere you turn-there he is”(page 321).
Most of the story takes place on the Argo II which was built by Leo Valdez.
Plot Diagram
1. In the beginning Riordan introduces with Annabeth, Jason Leo, Piper, and Frank taking the Argo II to New Rome.
2. They meet Terminus and he made them drop their weapons.
1. Leo gets possesed and starts attacking New Rome
2. The seven demigods escape
3. Have to run from Romans
4. Make journey across Atlantic
5. Arrive at Ancient Rome
6. They save Nico from giants
7. Annabeth passes through the underground tests of Arachne
8. Annabeth fights Arachne

Annabeth outsmarts Arachne by makin her weave her own trap. Annabeth pushes Arachne into Tartarus
1. The Argo II comes and finds Annabeth
2. Arachne drags Percy and Annabeth into Tartarus and right before he fell Percy tells Nico to meet them at The Gate to the Underworld
3. The rest of the group take the Athena Parthenos
The demigods secure the giant statue and pull it aboard. They fly off thinking of their next move.
Presentation by: Aditya Rao
Percy Jackson- son of Poseidon. Percy is also a dynamic character in this story. His encounter with Phorcys changed him very much. He actually started to fear drowning. Percy is a round character
Annabeth Chase- daughter of Athena; forced to follow The Mark of Athena. Annabeth is a round and dynamic character in the book. The quest for the Mark of Athena and her fight with Arachne changed her profusely.
Jason Grace- son of Jupiter; is a praetor of New Rome. Jason is a fairly flat character but he a neccicity for the rag-tag group of seven. He is a static character because he does not go through a major change.
Piper McLean- daughter of Aphrodite; Jason's girlfriend. She is a quite flat and static character. Her charmspeak makes her invaluable to the group.
Leo Valdez- Son Hephestus; built the Argo II. Leo learns a lot during this adventure but he does not go through any emotional, physical or mental transition. This is why Leo is a static and flat character
Frank Zhang- Son of Mars and has Poseidon blood; can change into any creature. Frank in this story is a flat character. He is static but he is priceless to the group and is very helpful.
Hazel Levesque- Died and came back to life; can summon cursed precious metals and jewels. Hazel Levesque is a round character. She is dynamic because her brother Nico got captured by giants and this greif changed her and made her closer to her brother.
By: Rick Riordan
Published By: Disney • Hyperion Books
5 October 2013
My Opinion
In my opinion, The Mark of Athena is a great read. It is full of action and has the right amount of suspense. I loved reading this book and I would reccomend it to anyone that likes novels filled with adventure.
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