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No description

Ruby Meuanghane

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of wake

By Lisa McMann W A K E Main Characters Janie Hannagan Setting Fieldridge, Michigan, Janie's house, Caleb's house, Fieldridge High School Plot Caleb Strumheller Miss Stubin Melinda Jeffers Captain Fran Komiski Carrie Brandt Recommend? I would reccomend this book to
mostly girls, because there's drama,
cheesiness, and romance. Genre Janie is a 17 year old senior. She attends Fieldridge High School and works at Heather Nursing Home. She has the ability to fall into people's dreams when they are in the same room as her Melinda is a tennis player and cheerleader at Fieldridge High School. She's a rich, lesbian who's mean to Janie, because for some reason she doesnt like her. Carrie is Janie's best friend and dates a guy named Stu. She is also Melinda's
best friend and tends to hang with the
rich kids. YOUR DREAMS ARE NOT YOUR OWN. Caleb is Janie's significant other and is an
undercover student cop who pretends to be
a drug dealer so he can catch the suppler.
He also goes to Fieldridge High School. Captain is
Caleb's boss
and is in
charge of the drug busting case. Shay Wilder Young Adult Fiction Janie gets sucked into people's dreams and her purpose in doing so is to help people with their bad dreams, but she doesn't know how to control it. With the help of of Miss Stubin, Janie slowly learns how to control her power. She also struggles with school and keeping a relationship with Cabel as she finds out that he has been going to parties with Shay Wilder and has a reputation as a drug dealer for the rich. and cannot
control it. When she
falls into a
bad dream, she goes numb and
wakes up blind
for a while. Miss Stubin stays
at the Heather
Nursing Home.
She is blind and is
a dreamcatcher
like Janie, but is
experienced. She
helps Janie to
control her power
through her
dreams. Shay is also a cheerleader
and is best friends with
Melinda. By default, she
also doesn't like Janie. Her dad is a drug dealer and Caleb hangs out with her to bust him.
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