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Michaelle Jean

No description

Morgan Jones

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Michaelle Jean

Michaelle Jean on what defines Canadians
Thank you Michaelle
Michaelle Jean foundation
Michaelle Jean has contributed a lot to Canada , she has a foundation in her name that works with community arts organization. Through the Michaelle Jean charitable foundation it proves that the arts can change lives and gives hope to communities affected by problems such as delinquency, crime, violence and suicide.
Who is Michaelle Jean?
Former Governor General, Michaelle Jean was born September 6th 1957 in Port-au Prince, Haiti.
Michaelle came to Canada as a refugee in 1968 to flee being tortured along with her parents.
Michaelle was sworn in as Governor General in 2005 by Queen Elizabeth II. Jean was the first black West Indian Governor General as also the third women after Jeanne Sauve and Adrienne Clarkson.
Michaelle Jean
Overall Michaelle Jean is an inspiration to me and others.

Michaelle Jean was Governor General from September 2005 to October 2010. To this day she has been doing speeches, journalism and continuing with her foundation

As she continues to help and inspire others she is helping us by becoming better people to each other .

“I think really working on reasons to believe and to hope in humanity’s possibilities is something that inspires me a lot. … I believe in the power of ideas. I believe in empowering people. I like people. And I love connecting. It’s a communion of ideas. Of values. Of ideals. And it’s magic. And people crave for that.”
A Quote
By: Morgan
Michaelle Jean has won various awards but here are some she has won

2004: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation French Television Prize

2009: Board of Governors Recognition Achievement Award from the National Quality Institute

November 16, 2009: National Quality Institute Recognition of Achievement Award
Michaelle Jean parla cinque lingue, che sono: francese, inglese, spagnolo, italiano e creole.
Fun Fact
Michaelle Jean speaks five languages which are : French, English, Spanish, Italian and Creole
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