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Saint Francis of Assisi

This prezi will show you the spirituallity and holiness of Saint Francis of Assisi

Tiffany Horgan

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis of Assisi By Tiffany Horgan Francis' birth name was
Giovanni (John).
His father's name was
Bernadone. Bernadone later
changed it to Francesco (Francis)
due to his love of France. BORN Born: 1182, Assisi, Italy Died: October 3rd
1226. His nationality was
Italian. He was so animal freindly,
he woundn't even step on
an ant! When his father turned
to him out of the house,
Francis lived in a cave and
spent his time in prayer
and meditation for two
years! FACT!!!!!! People who followed him and wanted to be
like him were called
Francescins. Saint Francis showed spirituality by: helping others in thier time of need even though he was very poor. Not only that, he also kissed a leaper one day when walking in the forest because he felt sorry for him. Before he died he said:
" I did my part and my
time is up." these were
his last words. There is a story,
that you should know,
here it goes. One day saint francis was going for a walk, when he came across a hungrey wolf.
Francis was petrified. He
tried to calm it. He stayed very still and silent. He talked to the
wolf and the wolf became
humble. Francis was petrified. he tried to
calm it and stayed very still and
silent. He talked to it and it became
humble. He touched it on the head
and it held out it's paw to Francis
in a sign of apology. Born: 1182 Assisi, Italy
Died: October 4th 1226 while singing Psalm
Feast day: October 4th. According to roman

tradition, October 4th is the feast of saint
Francis of Assisi and world day for animals. Main symbol: Fire is the main symbol of saint Francis
because his heart was on fire with the love of God. Other symbols include: Birds, deer, fish, lamb,
skull, stigma and wolf. Patronage: He is the patron saint of animals, environment and merchants.
Canonised: July 16, 1228, Assisi, done by Pope Gregory IX. The wolf walked up to saint Francis and held out it's paw in a sign of apology. He brought the wolf to the town and made the town folk promise not to kill it and to give it food everyday. Credits: Rewording by: Tiffany Horgan Images From: Bing and Google Images
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