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teehee park

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of English&MyDreams

One of the main reasons many people are learning English these days to increase their chances of finding a better job. I know that’s my motivation. Globalization isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, which means there will soon be even more chances to work with people from various countries. I’m working in the trade business and many of the buyers I work with are from other countries. If I can master English, it’ll really help me achieve my goal of becoming an international businesswoman. If I want my dream to come true, I have to study English harder.
The reason I’m learning English is pretty simple. I want to be able to make friends with people from various countries. It
be great if I could talk to them in Korean or their native languages, but it’s not possible for me to learn every language in the world. So when I email my foreign friends, or when they come to visit me in Korea, we communicate in English — the most widely used international language. Since English helps me make friends, I really enjoy learning it. My goal is to have a friend from every country on earth. I’m learning English because I need to gain access to a lot of information. As a student, I had little interest in English; was science that appealed to me most. Once I decided to become a scientist, however, I quickly realized that I would need to improve my English. About 95 percent of the textbooks and papers I need to read for my job written in English. ’s safe to say that English is the most important language in the world, especially if you want to be a successful scientist. English is the most widespread language in the world. Despite the fact that less than 10 percent of people in the world speak English as their first language, it has become the global language of the information age. The majority of news and information available in English, especially when it comes to the Internet. Air traffic controllers communicate with pilots in English, even in countries it isn’t a native language. For many professions, English is a practical necessity. Learn English, Spread Your Wings!
What is your reason for learning English? Do you want to be able to communicate with people from other countries? Are you hoping to improve your grades or get a better job? Maybe you have plans to move to an English-speaking country, or perhaps you just find English interesting. People all around the world learn English in order to achieve their dreams or goals. Here are several good reasons to learn English. Kamil Kaloush (Czech Republic, 25) Get Access to Information Park Yujin (Korea, 18) Communicate with People If I could choose any job in the world, I would be a translator. When I was younger, it occurred to me that no Korean has ever received the Nobel Prize in Literature. I think that’s because so little Korean literature has been properly translated into English. Of course, winning a Nobel Prize myself would be great. But my more realistic aim is to help my country’s writers have their literary works properly translated. That way, they can be read by people from other cultures, the same way we enjoy so many works of English and American literature. In the past, only people like diplomats and interpreters were required to learn English for their jobs. Because of globalization, however, people from all different kinds of professions now find themselves working with people from other countries. And when they do, English is the language they use to communicate. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending a simple email or putting together a legal contract — chances are, it’ll be done in English. It’s still possible to succeed in business without learning English, but doing so vastly expands your employment opportunities. Most people in the world have decided to make English "the language of communication," using it to communicate with anyone who doesn't speak their language. It allows them to talk to people from other countries about all kinds of things. Even if you don't travel, you can use English to post on Internet discussion sites and send emails. It's a great way to make interesting friends, learn about new cultures, and generally broaden your knowledge of the world. Diplomats from different countries use English to communicate with each other, as do people at most international conferences and competitions. Even the United Nations uses English as its main language! Daniella de Souza (Brazil, 25) Get Opportunities to Work Globally English is a great way for us to express our thoughts and opinions to people around the world. Some see English as a means of acquiring information about other cultures, but we can also see it as an efficient way of sharing important information about our own customs and culture. That can be another motivation for learning English.
So, what's your reason for learning English? Is it the same as one of these people's, or is it something different? No matter what your motivation may be, English is a useful tool for achieving your goals, and you may find it can serve as "the wind beneath your wings." Introduce Your Culture to the World Kim Hanbin (Korea, 18)

to read English newspapers
to exchange e-mails with an e-pal
to listen to and sing English songs
to watch English movies and dramas
to read English novels
to keep a diary in English
to learn new words every day
to join an English conversation club Ways to Improve English 1. What is your dream for the future? 2. What subject do you like most? 5. How long do you study English per day? 6. What do you think is the best way to improve English? You & Me Interview your partner to find out similarities and differences and write them on the Venn-Diagram. Introduce your partner What is your reason for learning English? 1. What are some reasons for people to study English?
2. What are some good ways to improve English? Venn Diagram You Me learn student teacher p.26 a. communicate with people
b. get access to information
c. introduce your culture to the world
d. get opportunities to work globally 3. Why do you study English? p.33 English and My Dreams similarities
have /nothing/something/a lot in common 4. How do you study English? p.29 Reasons to learn English a. for my future career
b. to improve my grades
c. to travel around the world easily
d. to watch movies in English
e. to make friends from various countries p.20 1 2 3 4 5 p.14 in the real world
Ban Kimoon is/are The rest of these apples ___ rotten.
The rest of this apple ___ rotten.
One of these apples ___ rotten. most, half, part, the rest, 2/3, 15% + of + N + V it It It was science that appealed to me most. Science appealed to me most. where is/are will/would is/are Day 7 Day 8 Industries & Enterprises Industries & Enterprises share 몫 /market share시장점유율
raw material 원자재
work force 인력,직원/human resources
/work load작업량
supervise감독하다 /supervision, supervisor
labor 노동,일 /labor market,
/laborious힘든, 근면한
yield생산하다/generate, produce
결과물 /output, crop
lease 임대차 /rent, rental
maintain유지하다/keep up, preserve
/n. maintenance
accompany동행하다/be accompanied by afford 감당할 여유가 되다 /a. affordable
greed 탐욕 /a. greedy
materialism물질주의 /a. materialistic
/materialize 실현, 구체화되다
utilize활용하다 /n. utility
household 가정, 가계
live off ~에 얹혀살다
landmark 주요지형지물
/milestone, turning point
empower 권한을주다 /authorize
labor force노동력 /work force
loaded with ~이실린
make up for~보충하다 /compensate for
resolve 해결하다, 결심하다 /a. resolute, resolution consolidate 굳히다 /n. consolidation
deteriorate 악화되다 /degenerate
manufacture 제조하다
at one's disposal ~의 재량에 맡겨진
ownership 소유권 /possession
retail 소매의/wholesale
harness 활용하다
be committed to ~에 전념하는, 헌신하는
/devoted to,dedicated to
surge밀려들다 /rush
task 과업 /undertaking cluster(같은종류의)무리/a. clustered
facilitate활용하게하다/n. facility
entrepreneur기업가 /enterprise,
/entrepreneurship 사업
budget 예산
expenditure 지출비용
/expend(많은 돈,시간,에너지를)쏟다
high-end 최첨단의/cutting-edge/low-end
prosperous번창한 /flourishing/v.prosper
earn벌다 /earnings 수입, 소득
exceed초과하다/transcend, surpass
/a. excessive, n. excess과잉
with respect to~에 관해/in terms of, regarding What made Kamil realize the importance of English? Why does Yujin enjoy learning English? What is Daniella's goal in her career? Why does Hanbin think no Korean has ever received the Nobel Prize in Literature? possibility or probability
of anything happening.
(아마도 ~이다) How can learning English help you find a better job or expand employment opportunities? news and information
share Write a summary of the main text. global age
the language of communication
job opportunities
a valuable tool English is the most ___________ language in the world. The majority of ___________________ is in English, especially on the internet. It has become the language of ______________, enabling us to make friends from different countries. Moreover, English can _______ job opportunities, and it gives us a way of _______ our culture with other countries. In this global age, English is a vailuable tool for ________ our goals. widespread news and information communication expand sharing achieving p.26 I've been looking for a handsome boy friend who has a lot in common with me. So, I asked my friend what she thinks is the best way to achieve it. She suggested a couple of different ways to pursue it, but what appealed to me the most was the idea of joining a website where I could make friends with people from various countries. In fact, I found it strange at first, but then I changed my mind because it suddenly occurred to me that my Mr. Right might have signed up on that site from somewhere on the other side of the world, looking for me. Key Expressions look for, have a lot in common, the best way to...,
come true, appeal to, it occurred to me that..., make friends with p. 30
D Grammar Points in Use p.29-30 I. (Finish/Finishing) the work in time is impossible.
2. I found the (usefulest/most useful) information in this book.
3. Dana's plan is (studied/ to study) literature at the university.
4. This program helps people (losing/to lose) weight in a healthy way. 5. Take this medicine will ease your toothache.
6. Would you please help me clearing the table?
7. This song is the most popularest among teens nowadays. 8. My motto (my best/is/do/to) at everything.
9. Learning to love yourself is (important/most/the/thing) in life.
10. (me,find/helped/they) a way to the concert hall. 11. He will help ______ _____ what to do next.
12. A shortage of water is one of __________ ______ problems in this country.
13. Your homework for today is ______ _____ this short story.
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