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Our Contributions to the world

No description

Anthony Cureton

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Our Contributions to the world

Our Contributions to the African American Dream What is Culture? Seven Different ways to study culture
What is the African American Contribution to global studies and within society

Introduce global perspective Break down three ways to evaluate our viewpoints By:
Anthony Cureton,
RaeShaun Wilison
and Sanitra Scott Burton
Did You Know Did you know that in Corporate America only 3% percent of African Americans work in top level management positions? it is this type underrepresentation not only in the black community but globally that is making it increasingly harder for us as a people to progress in today’s competitive world. This unfair distribution of power makes it easy to keep the scales tipped in the favor of the majority this inevitably will bring about the continuation of black oppression But regardless of our circumstances, we have broken down barriers and never thought possible and have made contributions that have shaped and defined the world on a global level. Changing Leadership One of the most important contributions our generations have made on a global level is electing the United States first Black president!!
Barack Obama Though Barack Obama's election was a joint effort of millions of people, the amount of black youth from our generation that took part in voting broke records. Barack Obama is
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