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Japanese in

No description

Jack Wallat

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Japanese in

Japanese in
By Jack Wallat
Where is Manchuria
The Basics
In 1911, there was a large civil war in China. The two sides of the civil war were between the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) lead by Mao Tse-Tung and the Nationalists lead by Chaing Kai-Shek. Both had the goal to over throw the Manchu Dynasty or the current ruling government in China that had been in place for over 300 years. The goal was to replace it with a new government, the CCP with a Communist government and the Nationalist with a Capitalist government. During this civil war, the Japanese attacked Manchuria in 1931.
Why did they attack?
The Japanese attacked Manchuria in 1931, for multiple reasons. First it was very rich in resources. The Japanese had very low amount of resources so they wanted more to enable them to increase there military expansion. The second reason is that Japan had a high population and a very small amount of land, making it dangerously dense, so they took over the Korean peninsula and Manchuria too solve there population density problem.
So Why is this so Looked Down Upon by Historians
This is very looked down upon by many historians not because of the action of them taking over Manchuria, it is what they did while they did to the citizens in Manchuria. The Japanese in Manchuria committed rape, killed women and children, robbed, and committed many other crimes.
A Little More Specific
In 1931, the Japanese Kwangtung army attacked Manchuria and gained a military presence in south Manchuria. The Japanese had control over the south Manchurian railroad. Then, on September 18th, 1931, an explosion occurred on the south Manchurian railroad (no reports of death from this incident has been reported), this is referred to as the Mukden incident. The Japanese used this incident to attack and control Manchuria. The Japanese quickly took control of Manchuria and encountered little to no resistance. After being taken over, the Japanese government set up the "puppet state of Manchukuo" officially renaming it.
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