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Informative Speech

No description

Christian Mejia

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Informative Speech

The Power of Music Memory Can music really help you learn? What types of music work best: Classical Music
Music with low BPM The Effects: Retain a minimum of 5x more information
Learn more information in less time But Why? Classical style music allow for the activation of both hemispheres of the brain The 60 BPM slows down heart rate and releases neurons which increases focus Health Reduce Stress/Anxiety: Dr. Mike Miller Experiment Science, that's why Christian Mejia Increase Heart Health Decrease Pain Perception: University of Utah Studies Music distracts us from whatever pain we are feeling Type of music isn't as important as how interested you are in the music. Lower blood pressure Athletic Performance A Quick Look Overview: Health Memory Athletic Performance Recap Researchers have found that music has the ability to improve: Music allows the lining of blood vessels to open and produce chemicals that are protective to the heart Motivating music can improve a workout performance by up to 20% Increases endurance while running while improving stride Health Memory Athletic Performance What we've learned How:
Music affects the 8th nerve in the ear canal affecting both concentration and balance/motor function. Increases cycling intensity and peddling efficiency The "Mozart Effect"
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