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Arctic Foxes

No description

jaxon haney

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Arctic Foxes

What Is The Arctic Foxes habitat Like?
The Arctic Foxes habitat is cold and snowy. During the winter they build snow dens, and in summer/spring they live in/on the rocky mountains. The Arctic Foxes are indeed a smart and interesting animal because of how fast they can climb and dig dens in the snow of the Arctic tundra.
What can run 30 miles per hour? What can hear a noise from 68 meters away? The amazing, majestic Arctic Fox can. This legendary animal of the Arctic is endangered, and if you really want to save this super fast animal keep reading to find out!
Where Does The Arctic Fox Live?
The Arctic Fox lives in the Arctic tundra, Europe, Iceland, Russia, Northern Canada, the tundra, and the Arctic. The Arctic Fox lives in these places because they are cold,it snows a lot in winter so they can hide in the snow from predators. Also, there's rocky mountains for their brown fur in spring.
Arctic Foxes Special Features To Survive the Arctic.
The Arctic Foxes special features to survive in the polar habitat is this special type of fur on the bottom of their paws to keep them warm while they're walking on the frozen tundra. Also, the Arctic Foxes fur changes during seasons. Now let me explain why the Arctic Fox's fur changes during seasons: During the summer and spring the Arctic Foxes fur is brown/blueish gray to hide in or on the rocks when the snow melts. Then in winter and Autom when lots of snow is on the ground their fur is 100% white to hide from predators in the snow.
Arctic fox
Arctic Foxes
What Does The Arctic Fox Look Like?
The Arctic Fox looks like a white(in winter) /graish brown(in summer) fluffy Poodle/Husky puppy. Don't get fooled by this magnificent creature they may look very cute but be aware they might eat you if they're really hungry. The only reason they might eat you is that they're losing food rapidly day and night.
What Type of Consumer is the Arctic Fox?
You may think the Arctic Fox is a carnivore,but they're actually an omnivore even though they eat carcasses they will also eat vegetation when possible such as carrots(if they can pull them out of the ground), seeds, cocoa beans, and dandy-lions.
Why Is The Arctic Fox Endangered?
The Arctic Fox is endangered because humans are killing the Foxes to use their fur to make clothing such as coats, blankets, and cloth. The Arctic Foxes are also dying of global warming, because the ice is melting and lemmings aren't flying to the lemming breeding spot and the Arctic Foxes food supplies are shortening a lot every year. Lemmings only like to breed in cold places. With global warming the lemmings aren't breeding there any more because it is causing the Arctic to become warm. The Arctic Fox became endangered and have been under that word since around the 1980's.
The Arctic Fox in this picture has fallen for the trap
What is Being Done to Help the Arctic Fox?
The Arctic Fox is an endangered species, if you want to save this wonderful creature this is what you can do: stop hunting the Arctic Fox and other Arctic animals, make Arctic hunting season shorter, and last but not least help stop/slow down global warming.
If you want to save the endangered, majestic animal of the Arctic you can: donate or volunteer for conservation groups, persuade the government to stop mining in the ice for coal and oils. To protect this amazing animal of the Arctic you can do all of these options to save the amazing and majestic Arctic Foxes so it will live on for generations.
These are what the Arctic Foxes look like after being hunted.
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