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Old Man and the Sea

No description

Dan Costello

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Old Man and the Sea

Old Man and the Sea F. Scott Fitzgerald Cast Old Man- Will Smith Manolin- Jaden Smith Pirates- Assorted Extras Costs Actors- $50,000,000
Set- $10,000,000
Shooting Permits and Extra Costs- $8,000,000 Total- $115,000,000 Setting Off Somali Coast Small Fishing Village Summary -Starts out in small, poor coastal town plauged
by Somali pirates -Old fisherman goes out fishing 84 consecutive days
without catching anything -Young apprentice Manolin helps him get food -Goes out 85th day and his luck changes -Paddles small boat out further than ever before -Hooks a giant marlin -Marlin starts dragging the boat and the struggle begins -After a 3 day struggle finally kills the fish -On the way back to shore he encounters pirates
looking to steal from him -A huge fight breaks out between the old man and
the pirates -After hours and hours of fighting off and killing many pirates
the old man is hit by a bullet -The pirates take the man's giant dead marlin -The old man is forced to paddle all the way back
home with a bullet inside of him -Crawls into his small shack and rests for the night -The next morning he awakes to see people crowded around his marlin -The pirates took the fish and said they caught it -Old man tells Manolin what actually happened
and they both agree to fish with each other for protection -Manolin cares for the old man until he falls asleep -Story ends at the old man's funeral because he died in his sleep Target Audience A PG-13 action movie Appealing to fans of action and adventure Why Old Man and the Sea? -Adventure by a classic author -Story of strength and survival
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