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Using Social Media To Activate Communities

Presentation on activating communities especially NGO's using social media

Dmitri Dawkins

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Using Social Media To Activate Communities

Using Social Media To Activate Communities & Organisations What is Social Media? Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. - Wikipedia Traditional Media Newspaper TV Radio
What makes it social? Two Way Interaction Ability to create and publish content Share content easily Why is social media so powerful? Social Media is a tool that is empowered by it's users We are all connected Snowball Effect Average Facebook User Has 130 Friends 130 650
3250 Making use of social media Organising, Sharing and Communicating
Egypt Facebook and Twitter were used to organise rallies and spread news about the uprising in egypt. On the Ground News Reports over 58,000 fans Manatt/Dudus Enquiry Over 400 people discussed the hearing on Twitter How do we use this? Make your website social Organise events or meetings using social tools Facebook Events, Eventbrite.com, Meetup.com Social event tools allow you to invite a large mailing list
Allow guests to share the event to social networks
Allow them to invite others who may be interested Share
Blogs Social Networks
Twitter Facebook
Youtube Flickr Others - Based on Group
Email Communicate
Interaction with your community is key Listen first! What Next? Social Media Policy
Let all team members know
Be Social! Questions? Contact


Blog: DmitriDawkins.com

Twitter: @DmitriDawkins

Facebook: facebook.com/DmitriDawkins
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