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"In The New Landscape" by Bruce Dawe

English Literature Oral Presentation

Greig Clark

on 28 June 2010

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Transcript of "In The New Landscape" by Bruce Dawe

"In The New Landscape" by Bruce Dawe A short Intro About the Poem The poem was written in 1968 and addresses the environmental issues of the time and the effect they may have in the future A prediction of what may become of our world in the future; the replacement of nature with man-made machines and objects Is the poem a reflection of today's environment? An Analysis Who is speaking? A psychic A storyteller Significance Of The Title
The title is a deception; it has a positive impact when, in fact, the poem has a negative message Repetition of the title gives emphasis to the message being conveyed The message and how it is conveyed Dawe is trying to warn us of the consequences that will come with our neglect of the natural environment Man-made machinery (especially cars) as well as constructions are said to be "taking over the world" These messages are conveyed through the extensive use of poetic techniques and imagery Personification "...there will be no more streets
begging for hopscotch squares" Symbolism "And we will construct...
a concrete god" Anaphora "In the new landscape..." Lines and their Meanings "there will only be cars
and drivers of cars" "exhaust fumes drifting over the countryside" "sounds of acceleration instead of birdsong" "there will be no more trees
unless as exotica for parking lots" "weeds too will be no more" "not likely to go soft at the sight or sound of
little children under the front wheels
or lovers who have wilfully forgotten
to keep their eyes on the road" A Personal Response Thanks for Listening
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