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Ruther Marc Narcida

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of REPUBLIC ACT 9175


Declaration of State Policy
It is the policy of the State consistent with the Constitution, to conserve, develop and protect the forest resources under sustainable management. Toward this end, the State shall pursue an aggressive forest protection program geared towards eliminating illegal logging and other forms of forest destruction which are being facilitated with the use of chain saws.
Salient Features
1. Regulation of ownership, possession, sale, transfer, importation and use of chainsaw

2. Penalizes illegal possession, sale and distribution without valid permit

3. Penalize Unlawful importation

4. Tampering of Engine Serial Number
Persons Authorized to Manufacturer, Sell and Import Chain Saws
Chain saws shall only be sold and/or imported by manufacturers, dealers and/or private owners who are duly authorized by the Department.

Persons Authorized to Possess and Use a Chain Saw
(a) has a subsisting timber license agreement, production sharing agreement, or similar agreements, or a private land timber permit;
(b) is an orchard and fruit tree farmer;
(c) is an industrial tree farmer;
(d) is a licensed wood processor and the chain saw shall be used for the cutting of timber that has been legally sold to said applicant; or
(e) shall use the chain saw for a legal purpose.

** Agencies of the government that use chain saws in some aspects of their functions must likewise secure the necessary permit from the Department before operating the same.

Registration of Chain Saws.
Within a period of three (3) months from the effectivity hereof, all persons who own or are otherwise in possession of chain saws must register the same with the Department, through any of its Community Environment and Natural Resources Office, which shall issue the corresponding registration certificate or permit if it finds such persons to be qualified hereunder.
Every permit to possess and/or use a chain saw for legitimate purpose shall be valid for two (2) years upon issuance: Provided, That permits to possess and use chainsaw issued to non-commercial orchard and fruit tree farmers shall be valid for a period of five (5) years upon issuance. For this purpose, the Department shall be allowed to collect reasonable registration fees for the effective implementation of this Act.

Any person who voluntarily gives information leading to the recovery or confiscation of an unregistered chain saw and the conviction of persons charged thereof shall be entitled to a reward equivalent to twenty person (20%) of the value of the chain saw unit(s). The Department is authorized to include in its budget the amount necessary to carry out the purpose of this Section.
Revocation of Registration and Permit. -
The Secretary may revoke any Certificate of Registration or permit previously issued to a person found violating the provisions of this Act, or the rules and regulations issued pursuant thereto.
Authority of the Secretary
He shall organize an office within the Department to ensure that requirements imposed by this Act may be complied with by qualified persons, within the shortest possible time, at the least possible expense.

In the Province of Palawan, the provisions of this Act shall be implemented by the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development pursuant to Republic Act No. 7611 or the Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan.
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