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Advert Analysis Version 2

No description

Connor Sartain

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Advert Analysis Version 2

Advert 1: Cravendale Catnapped Advert 2: Toyota RAV4 Advert Advert Analysis By Connor Sartain First Advert. Cravendale Catnapped What is the Ad For? It is to increase product recognition of Cravendale. What is the Target Audience? The target audience is young adults who would use the product on the daily basis. the brand is slightly more upmarket than most brands but this does not really show in the advert. The Form of the advert The advert is part of a miniseries and takes the form of a mini drama where milkmen are kidnapped by the cats with thumbs The Style of the Advert The advert is Humourus and Surreal with the fact that the cats have thumbs... and are kidnapping milkmen Codes and Conventions Lighting In this ad there is a lot of motivated lighting to add to the mood of the advert. Camera Movement In this ad there is a lot of crabbing and other camera movements like tracking, this creates a feeling the viewer is actually there watching this poor defenseless milkman going through torture. Persuasion Techniques Camera Angles the main angles in the the advert are mainly eye level. there is not any unusual camera angles. Second Advert. Toyota RAV4 What is the Ad For? The advert is to advertise the new Toyota RAV4. I believe it is also to reposition the Toyota to a new audience. the adverts were dull and boring. What is the target audience The advert is aimed at young adults and young couples just learning to drive with the humour of the Ad. where as the old adverts were aimed at middle age people as they were dull and plain The form of the advert The form of the advert is a mini drama and is a stand alone ad The style of the advert The style of the advert is Humourous and surreal with the couple performing some pranks that reminds me of Home Alone Persuasion Techniques A






A Codes and Conventions Music The music used in the ad is used to create suspense in the advert despite being a very humourous advert. The advert gets attention by being so surreal and out of the ordinary. The advert gets interest by the concept of the advert and not the actual product the advert does not make the viewer desire the product but creates a desire for the ad, making people wonder what will be next Entertainment Association The advert does not make the viewer act and buy the product as such but it makes them want to know more about the ad and the brand itself The advert associates the car with class with the posh house... well before it was blown up and the clean enviroment of the house and surroundings. Entertainment The advert uses entertainment to persuade and entice the viewer to buy the product by keeping the interest of the viewer and making them want to know more about the car. The advert attracts attention by being so humourous and ridiculous. The advert also arouses interest in the advert by being so surreal and humourous making the viewer wanting to know more. The advert does not stimulate desire for the product as it does not really focus on the product itself. The advert also does not promote action to buy the product because it is not the product it is focused on the idea of the advert and not the product The only persuasion technique that this advert really uses is entertainment the advert keeps interest of the viewer by making the advert funny and humourous Mise-en-scene The mise en scene of the advert is the location being in a upmarket detached house as said before this persuades the viewer as they associate the car with being posh and upmarket Camera movement In this ad the camera does not stop moving it is always tracking the actors. Sounds The sounds are very comedic with the explosions and cracks this adds to the overall joking feel to the advert Editing The shots in the advert are all in quick sucsession at the start this advert this adds to the craziness of the advert
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