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Gender and Inequalityy


M Lowe

on 21 December 2009

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Transcript of Gender and Inequalityy

GENDER (IN)EQUALITY Terms to Know Gender- the wide set of characteristics that are seen to distinguish between male and female Sexism- the belief or attitude that one gender or sex is inferior to, less competent, or less valuable than the other The Media has had a large
impact on the definition of
Gender, and sometimes fueling
sexism. This is not an ad at all, but there is gender definition
created by society. In even this generic symbol that
normally demonstrates the difference of gender specific
restrooms, there are gender stereotypes.

Men wear pants
Women wear skirts

We know this is a stereotype because in other cultures, skirts are worn by both sexes.
Some might say that this is a stretch. Without some of
these so called "stereotypes" there is no distinction
between gender. However, this is exactly the point. WHY
is there distinction between gender?

Any distinction between gender that is not biological could be rendered as a gender stereotype. So why is there such intense distinction between genders in our culture? It has been so for years, and there is comfort in familiarity. That is why sexist ads appeal to sometimes even the adamant feminist subconciously. Gender and the Media Patriarchy-social organization marked by the supremacy of the father in the clan or family, This picture depicts women as inferior. The woman is shown in the nude, holding on to the man. She is vulnerable and relient. The advertisement implies that if you wear Calvin Klein Jeans then you will have women. The advertisement may be sexist, but it works, becasue men want women, and this is how they know relationships to function; with the man being in power, and the women being submissive. This one is pretty obvious. The sexual reference is simply demeaning. The advertisement is clever, however it may not appeal to all who find this disgusting, which many people would. However, the concept is funny. And though they may be disgusted, it still catches their attention, for bad or for worse, giving Burger King the attention it wants. This ad promotes equality. Ads like this help raise awareness to the inequality in the working world. Awareness is what people need, because hardly anyone is conciously sexist, it is a prejudice that they have grown up to know. The same people that promote equality are attracted to the demeaning ads like the Burger King one, and the patriarchy promoting ads. This is because they are attracted to what is familiar to them. They may beleive in gender equality, but gender inequality is what they have known for years, so they inclined to it subconciously.
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This ad is probably the mose disturbing ad that one could come across. Some ads portray a subtle implication of appealing sexuality that could be considered sexist because of the women in a submissive positon. This one is beyond that. This is an advervisement that seems more for the abuse women than for suits. The purpose of this ad is to attract attention most likely, and it did. However there is a difference between men who wear suits that portray them as powerful versus men that wear suits that portray them as haters of women. This ad is promoting the reversal of the liberal movement of womens rights. The conservatives feel that the new social order, with women working is destroying households, and breaking up marriages. There is evidence to support this theory; the divorce rate has skyrocketted.

However, this theory could be put in reversal also. When women are working, they take on the traditional roles of the household also. If there was true equity, women would not feel the need to take on this burden by themselves, and men would be more inclined to help, making a more cooperative and successful marriage. Silencing women may not be the solution to the problem as this ad promotes.

The reasoning behind their worry is not the thoughts of a ignorant man. Before womens' rights, the world to them seemed to work better with more wholesome values. The break down of their social order is causing panic, and they feel that the world is going to spiral out of control. However with gender equity still in progress, it needs to get "worse" before it gets better. Backtracking, is not the solution. by Maria Lowe
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