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Making Inferences (Video Game Mystery)

No description

Shelby Denman

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Making Inferences (Video Game Mystery)

Making Inferences
Find the evidence. Use your brain.
Think like a detective!
to conclude information from evidence and reasoning rather than from given statements
Your turn...
Work with your group to complete your assigned task. Give your best effort!
What do I need to make an inference?
textual evidence + what I know = inference
Words to know...
- someone who writes codes
- a person's defense that they were somewhere else or with someone else at the time of a crime
- a reason for someone to commit a crime
"in the red"
- means in debt
Case # 25:
Who took the video game?!
1) Solve the case of the missing video game with your team of detectives.

2) Review case notes, lists of suspects and alibis. Determine who could have committed the crime and who had a motive. Record your inquiries on the
"Case Notes"

3) Solve the logic puzzle to determine which suspect wore the same type of shoes as the footprint found at the crime scene. Record your answers on the
"Case Notes"

4) Solve the cryptography code to determine the password.

5) Make your inference as to who committed the crime and why. Be prepared to defend your answer with
Take a closer look...
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