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Environmental art

No description

tamlin mackenzie

on 18 June 2018

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Transcript of Environmental art

What will you do with your art?
Performing Arts
Anyone can do Environmental Art, you just need an idea (something you want to protect,promote, connect with, some materials( natural or man made) and an audience (some where to exhibit/share your art)
Environmental Art
Sharing your art can help raise awareness about the environment-why not host an exhibition, enter a competition-
Threatened species Art Competition

The Threatened Species Children’s art competition helps children unleash their artistic creativity while learning about the extinction crisis facing our native plants and animals. It aims to encourage the next generation of environmental leaders.
Art can be used to educate others,
to question how we do things,
to create connections between people, places or animals. It can be done alone or in groups
Create art about, with or in the environment
Environmental messages can be told through music, theater or in films like Avatar, The Lorax, Fern gully.Some of YOU might have been in recent ANti CSG Films?
Oxfam artist-Ashley Cecil, who is a self-described "painting activist" created a work that would illustrate how climate change affects poor communities.

Cecil's gorgeous painting of two women in a drought-baked landscape depicts one of them tipping out a bowl of dust instead of a bounty of grain, symbolizing the struggle of impoverished families to feed themselves in a world facing more and more climate-related impacts
"I wanted to show that the women are not harvesting crops the way they had hoped," Cecil explains. "They're holding a bowl of dust, because this is what they're left with—burnt, dry dust, dry branches...
What is Environmental art ?
Red Earth is collective of artists working with other specialists--geologists, architects, farmers, archaeologists, historians, ecologists, astronomers, land managers, animals and other communities--to create experimental connections between art, science, and nature. Red Earth creted this 200 meter long ˜erosion line across the beach to examine sea level rise.
Plastic Bottles (2007) Chris Jordan: depicts two million plastic beverage bottles, the number used in the US every five minutes
The Seattle-based lawyer-turned-artist works with the mundane details of American consumer culture--a plastic cup, a paper bag--and couples them with the shocking but oftentimes incomprehensible statistics and scale of excess consumption.
Chris Jordan: Photography and Environmental Action

environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy is famous for his site-specific, ephemeral work employing colorful flowers, leaves, mud, twigs, snow, icicles, and stones. He typically uses his bare hands, teeth, even saliva to prepare and assemble his pieces. Some of his art pieces, such as those featured in video Rivers and Tides, are designed to decay or disappear with the ebb and flow of nature. Goldsworthy characterizes his art in this way: "Movement, change, light, growth, and decay are the life-blood of nature, the energies that I try to tap through my work."
Fiber Art
Imbi Davidson
Our Artist in residence is a well known Australian artist who uses fabric, stitches, blankets, ink and more to create her environmental art. she often colors her art with natural dyes from plants.
Environmental Art has many styles-
Realistic (like a photo)
Abstract- the art could represent the feeling the artist had in nature, they could use a technique to comment on human impact on nature. Painting Imants Tillers
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