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Alicia Wong

on 6 March 2012

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Transcript of XXX2

S.W.O.T. Marketing Strategies Current Market Situation Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Marketing Project KidZania! List the top opportunities Marketing Recommendations Goals Competition Timeline 2013 2012 Expansion Construction Break even Launch Introduction Conclusion Content Marketing Segmentation Concept Introduction
Market Opportunities
Current Market Situation
The External Macro-Environment
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Strategies
Marketing Objectives
Positioning and Differentiation
The Marketing Mix (4Ps)
Marketing Recommendations
Action Plan
Controls & Approaches Controls & Approaches 3. Human Resource Controls
goals are clearly set and understood
institute policies and procedures to help guide workers' actions
approaches: performance appraisals, disciplinary programs, observations, and training and development assessments

4. Computers & Information Controls
Strict access controls
Adopt computerized control techniques

1. Financial Controls
Perform monthly financial audit
Monitor financial & income statements
Perform ratio Analysis

2. Marketing Controls
Schedule a monthly marketing program which includes:
Market Research (Create a kids congress of 12)
Market Testing
Marketing Statistics
2014 2015 2018 5 Years projected payback Cost Analysis Risk Analysis Already a proven business model
Reduce up-front risks

However, other risks include:
Reputation Risks
Business Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management
Health & Safety

Profit Analysis Basic Plan Marina Bay Sands (rental)

SAFRA (rental)
Build new complex (Marina Bay or near Stadium MRT – on top of multi-storey carpark)

Consist of at least 50 adult roles for initial phase
Target: 90 Adult roles Strengths Marketing Objectives Achieve 75% customer awareness of Kidzania by the end of 1st year, 90% by the end of 2nd year

Target 200,000 customers by end of 1st year, 300,000 customers by end of 2nd year, and average of 400,000 customers for each subsequent year

Achieve 20% market share of the family entertainment centre industry by end of 1st year, 30% by end of 2nd year and 40% for each subsequent year

Over 50 Partners Cartoon Network
Coca Cola (partner in 5 locations)
Dunkin’ Donuts
Domino's Pizza
General Motors

Revenue Streams
Sponsorship from partners
Entrance Fee
Selling food and accessories (parties/photographs)
Special workshops/Private Events
Entertainment for parents - Spa

Kid-sized replica of a real city
Wide variety of professional roles
Buildings are built 2/3 of original
Children act as adult in its own city
Goes to work and earn KidZos
Branches now includes Mexico, Japan, Amercia, Indonesia, Malaysia and more.
Acts as an educational hub for kids and tourist attraction Marketing Recommendation 1 Media
Kidzania facebook app
Iphone app
Both can keep track of Kidzos, have additional information & provide feedbacks

Strengths Weaknesses Customer Retention & Engagement even outside of Kidzania
Reach a huge number of people
Helps to build brand awareness
Iphone apps can only be access by those who own it.
Needs to consider about user friendliness for kids

Marketing Recommendation II Explain in details how wonderful kidzania is
Strengths Weaknesses Approach children and teachers easily
Promote school packages
Children not persuasive enough to explain the benefits if kidzania to their parents.
Might not reach all schools
Product Recommendation I FamilyFun Activities

Provide good facilities eg. Reading session, starbucks
Wide variety of reading materials
Free 2 hours
Product Recommendation II

Strengths Weaknesses Increase loyalty of consumers
Attract customers who wish to visit frequently with reasonable price
Encourage school authorities to organize trip to Kidzania with promoted price.

SGD 3.6 million
per year 5 Year Projection
to break even Acclaimed, safe, educational, fun
Winning sustainable business model appeals to both consumers and sponsors
More companies willing to spend on corporate social responsibility
Changing education scene – more well-rounded education
More players entering the profitable family entertainment industry
Critics may argue that Kidzania promotes consumerism
The whole of Singapore
Age: Primary: 3-14 years old children and their parents
Income: Middle income & Upper income citizens
Lifestyle: Parents who are willing to invest children’s development
Occasions: Target for school & private events
Usage rate: Heavy user – Promoting Annual pass, Light user - Target light user with ads and promotions


The first Kidzania opened in 1999 in Mexico City
Founder and CEO of Kidzania is Xavier Lopez Ancona
Unlike previous marketing concept, Kidzania is an example of a marketing 3.0 concept
Awards & Endorsement Recognized at the “CIO Awards 2011” as one of the top 10 technological innovative project in Portugal.

Best Theme Park Worldwide award from the Themed Entertainment Association in 2001

Won the prestigious Top Family Entertainment Centre by IAAPA in 2003

Ancona was a student of marketing guru Philip Kotler, and Kotler praised the concept

Learn that money does not come easily
Acquire new skills and knowledge in a fun way
Know more friends
Prepared for the future

Direct marketing to families, build brand awareness
Build CSR
Build image of responsibility – impart values

School Packages: Children cannot be fully monitored.
Fresh and proven business concept
Educational to kids
Concept suits Singapore

Everyone benefits!! Demographic Population Census: 24.7% of all households are couple-based households with youngest child below 12 years

Large expatriate population to tap on (1.92 million foreigners, about 37% of the total population)
high purchasing power (45% of expats have an annual income of S$265000 in 2010)

Economic 21.8% of all households have a monthly household income of $10K and above
Increase in proportion spent on educational services.

74% of Mastercard users list dining and entertainment as their top spending choices

Education policies: focus on well-rounded education, out-of-the box thinking

Support from government

MOE approval for school visits to Kidzania

Cultural Kiasu parents who wants their child to have a prestigious career will want to give their child a headstart

Increasingly competitive society shift in culture greater emphasis on early childhood development
Marketing Intermediaries The Macroenvironment Partnership
... small Spark (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Strength Parents are more willing to come
Weaknesses Costly to implement
Parents are not guaranteed to visit.
Through School Assembly The Microenvironment Mission Statement “Prepare Our Children For A Better Future”
The use of “our” shows kinship and closeness to consumers and statement shows that Kidzania is fully committed in nurturing the pillars of tomorrow’s society.
Plays on the emotions of anxious and competitive parents
Market Differentiation Product: Mini realistic ‘city’, more than just entertainment, education integrated seamlessly into entertainment
Service: superior services for parents ( parents are not neglected)
People: Zupervisors are educators and facilitators
Value Proposition
More For More: higher prices that are matched by a highly rewarding experience
Positioning Statement To loving parents who want to give their children only the very best, and inquisitive children who are eager to discover more, Kidzania is the place to be for a fruitful family experience.
Sample size:
61 parents, 43 kids Price Singapore Airline
Dunkin Donuts
Media Corp

Marketing Recommendation III Strengths Captures attention
Increases popularity
Enhance branding Brand Ambassadors during opening and advertising
Family Stars (Zoe Tay, Wang Li Lin, Li Ming Lun)
Kid Stars (Taiwan Xiao Xiao Bin)
Have cartoon characters

Weaknesses Costly to invite

Product Recommendation III

Strengths Weaknesses Increases efficiency
Increases user information through user accounts
Saves costs

Worried about transaction security
Online Ticket Booking System Allows parents to book the tickets online at their convenience
Electronic ticket with barcode
Plan 400 staffs Total Investment:
At least $34.4million Initial Investment of $18 million (Startup) can be retrieved within 5 years time Prepare Our Children For A Better Future Parents Lounge
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