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Jenna Freiermuth

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Full Tilt
Neal Shusterman
By: Jenna Freiermuth

Place: a Phantom Amusement park.
Time: 2:20 am to dawn
Era: present day
Mood: When reading this book the reader feels trauma, despair, guilt, and many horrifying fears the characters go through
Main characters/ Conflict
The book Full Tilt is a fiction genre. Its starts off with Blake a sixteen year old responsible young adult in a dysfunctional family. His mother going off with different boyfriends. His younger brother Quin, whose thrill-seeking sometimes goes too far, and requires Blake to save him.
Conflict/ Resolution
Main internal conflict
What really happened in the tragic bus accident of Blake's past is a blur to him and he is constantly struggling to remember it.
Internal Conflict resolution
Blake forces himself to remember it was not his fault he was the lucky one.

This time Blake finds himself rescuing Quin from an amusement park that traps its customers forever. The only way escaping is to conquer seven dangerous rides before dawn. If they fail, their souls will be captured in the amusement park ruled by Cassandra, the cause of Blake's horrifying secret. The secret he will face to save him and his brother.
Tone significance
"There were times he sort of slipped out of phase with reality, from those early years when he was so locked in his own private universe. It wasn't that he didn't see the big picture. Sometimes he saw a different picture entirely."
The theme of this novel is to face your fears and don't let them stand in your way.
Personal Response
When reading this novel it made me feel anxious and eager to see what would happen next. The larger message I took was, stay determined of what you want to accomplish and you will be able to face the fears trying to hold you back.
The tone of this novel is determination
"To be completely helpless of life. Powerless to do a single thing. That's what I'd always feared more than anything. It was like I'd been keeping all the edges of my life neat and clean, pretending neatness was all that mattered, and that life could be somehow controlled."
The significance of this quote is that it shows the true character of Quin, and why Blake has to watch over him and keep him out of trouble.
Quote significance
Plot 2
This quote demonstrates the tone because throughout the novel Blake realizes how important saving his brother was to him. He knew he had to just face his fears and let his determination take hold. When he did that, he conquered the seventh ride freeing his brother, friends, and himself from the horrifying experience the amusement park gave them.
About the character
The responsible one of the dysfunction family, and looks after his wild younger brother, Quin.

He must complete seven rides by dawn to defeat the park and its ruler, Cassandra. Each ride containing one of his fears, and his deepest secret.
About the character
Opposite to his older brother Blake. Has a brave, fearless, and insecure personality.
Doesn't realize that his fearless decisions have a cost until he is trapped in an amusement park where he hoped he could finally fit in.

Main Internal conflict/ Resolution
Main External conflict
Cassandra tries to make sure Blake has no chance of surviving her rides, if he survives the park will cease to exist.
External Conflict Resolution
When Blake learns from Cassandra, "There is a way out of every ride" he is determined to shut down the park.
Main External Conflict/ Resolution
Theme Significance
I choose this theme because throughout the whole story Blake is trying to save his brother, and the only way for him to do that is conquer his fears and realize what was more important, and that was saving his brother.
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