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Budapest - virtual tour

Take a virtual tour in Budapest and get to know the touristic attractions of the city!

Tamás Ferenc Heizler

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Budapest - virtual tour

Crown, Sword, Sceptre and Globus cruciger
Lajos Kossuth
* Finance Minister, 1848
* Governor, 1849
Lajos Batthyány
first Prime Minister, 1848
Saint Stephen I
1st king of Hungary
St. Stephen's Basilica
Count István Széchenyi (1791-1860)
* founder of Hungarian Academy of Science
* builder of Széchenyi Chain Bridge
* founder of several institutions,
reformer of transportation, sport and foreign policy
* Minister of Transportation, 1848
Gresham Palace
* style: Art Noveau
* owner: Sultanate of Oman
Széchenyi Chain Bridge
built: 1849
rebuilt: 1949
Buda Castle Funicular (1870)
Sándor Palace, the residence of the President
Buda Castle
Buda Castle District
Matthias Church
Gothic style, 14th century
king Matthias Corvinus
(Hunyadi Mátyás)
1443 - 1490
Fisherman's Bastion
Elisabeth Square
(Erzsébet tér)
Empress Elisabeth (1837 - 1898)
* wife of emperor Franz Joseph I
Millennium Underground Railway (1896)
in the past
* first underground line in the continent
* second underground line in the world
House of Terror Museum
(Terror Háza Múzeum)
* today: museum about the nazi and communist terror
Imre Nagy (1896-1958)
* prime minister, 1956
* leader of the Revolution of 1956
* executed in 1958, today referred as "the martyr prime minister"
* formerly: torture house of the nazi and communist regimes
Andrássy Avenue
Heroes' Square
(Hősök tere)
* built: 1896 - 1900
* statues at the left collonade: kings
* statues at the right collonade: heroes
* top of the column: archangel Gabriel
in winter: City Park Ice Rink
in summer: City Park Lake
* built: 1869
Vajdahunyad Castle (1904- 1908)
(Széchenyi gyógyfürdő)
Széchenyi Thermal Bath
* built: 1913
Fifty-sixers' Square
(Ötvenhatosok tere)
monument for the heroes and victims
of the Revolution of 1956
Ferenc Puskás Stadium
(Puskás Ferenc Stadion)
Ferenc Puskás
(1927 - 2006)
* Hungarian and Spanish national team member
* clubs: Honvéd, Real Madrid
* stadium of the Hungarian national soccer team
* built: 1948, opened: 1953
* capacity: 56,000
* named after Puskás in 2002
Sándor Petőfi
National Museum
(Nemzeti Múzeum)
(1822 - 1849)
* poet, revolutioner
* tousand poems
* writer of the National Song, which he recited in 1848 on the doorstep of the National Museum
* died in the Revolution
* classicist style
* built: 1837 - 1847
Protestant Church
Kálvin Square
* classicist sytle
* built: 1816 - 1830
* 20% of Hungarians
are Protestants
John Calvin's statue in front of the church
Dohány Street Synagogue
(Dohány utcai zsinagóga)
* Moorish style
* built: 1854 - 1859
* second biggest old synagogue in the world
Holocaust Memory Park
* 25% of the inhabitants of Budapest belonged to the Jewish religion before the WWII
Shoes on the Danube Promenade
* for the memory of the Jews that were shot into the Danube by the Nazis and their local collaborators, the Arrow Cross Party members after the Nazi occupation of Hungary
Margaret Bridge (1876)
(Margit híd)
Margaret Island
Gül Baba's Türbe
(Gül Baba türbéje - Gül Baba Türbesi)
Elisabeth Bridge (1903)
(Erzsébet híd)
Panorama from Gellért Hill
the Citadel on the Gellért Hill
Gellért Hill
view of the Chain Bridge
view of the Liberty Bridge
Liberty Bridge (1896)
(Szabadság híd)
University of Technology
library of the University of Technology
* 8 faculties
* 24,000 students
new building of the University of Technology
* built: 2010
National Theatre (2002)
(Nemzeti Színház)
Rubik Cube Museum (planned for 2017)
* the museum will present the Hungarian innovators and innovations
Liberty Square
(Szabadság tér)
the last Soviet monument
Petőfi Bridge
Rákóczi Bridge (1995)
Ferenc II Rákóczi
(1676 - 1735)
Corvin Square
Hungarian Academy of Science
Inner city and
Leopold Town
Buda Castle District
Andrássy Avenue
City Park
Now let's see the churches and monuments of different religions!
We've already seen two catholic churches, but there are also:
* Protestant Church
* Synagogue
* Türbe
Now let's see the bridges of Budapest!
built: 1885 - 1904
Batthyány Eternal Lamp
(from North to South)
Ruin Pubs
* most of the ruin pubs are located in the 6th and 7th districts
(Theresa Town and Elisabeth Town)
* Inner City (Belváros):
the old town of Pest
* Leopold Town (Lipótváros):
financial and administrative center of Hungary
located in Theresa Town (6th district)
constructions on the Andrássy Avenue (1896)
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