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The Devil's Arithmetic

No description

Bernadette Howell

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of The Devil's Arithmetic

The Devil's Arithmetic
Music Plot Diagram
1) Hannah, her little brother Aaron, and her Mother and Father travel from New Rochelle to Bronx for Passover.
by: Jane Yolen
2) On the way to the Seder, Hannah complains about going to the Seder and says how she doesn't want to "Remember".
3) Hannah and her family arrive at the Passover and reunites with Aunt Eva, Aunt Rose, Grandpa Will, and Uncle Sam.
4) Hannah remembers an incident that happened with her and Grandpa Will and that she made Grandpa Will angry at her for writing numbers on her wrists not realizing what the numbers meant.
5) Grandpa will tells Hannah to open the door for Elijah as apart of the Passover ritual.
6) Hannah opens the door for Elijah and gets transported to the time of the containment of the Jewish.
1) Hannah's name changes to Chaya.
2) Chaya meets Gitl, Yitzchak, and Shmuel.
3) Chaya goes to Fayge's and Shmuel's wedding and from there meets Shifre, Esther, Yente, and the Rabbi.
Falling Action
4) The Nazis' take all the Jews and put them in a truck and say that they're taking them somewhere new to live.
5) Chaya and everyone she met at the wedding arrive at a concentration camp and they are forced to get their head shaved, get numbers tattooed onto their wrists, clothes they are wearing are taken away and replaced with old clothes, and to work everyday.
6) Chaya struggles to keep hold of the memories of her home as if was before, and the people she once knew. She cries, but promises Gitl that she will not cry again.
7) Gitl wakes up Chaya and tells her that they are to escape the concentration camp immediately and says that other people are also going to escape too.
Rising Action
8) The guards catch them and Gitl and Chaya run back to their beds. The following day, the men who were caught, all except Yitzchak, were lined up and shot. Among those men was Shmuel.
1) On the following day, Chaya is working along with Esther, Shifre, and Rivka. The guards stops them and tells them all workers are getting incinerated. Esther, Shifre, and Rivka were chosen. Chaya then makes a decision and takes Rivka's place in being chosen.
1) The illusion fades and she finds herself at the Seder with the rest of her famil and she misses her family.
2) Hannah looks at Aunt Eva's wrist and see the number J18202, the same number as Rivka's.
1) After what Hannah experience at the camp, she felt sorry for being rude at the Seder. Hannah learned to appreciate life more.
3) Aunt Eva tells Hannah that her name use to be Rivka, but changed it because she didn't want to remember what happened at the concentration camp.
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