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Marine 2013

No description

Lloyd's Register Marine

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Marine 2013

Lloyd’s Register’s Marine offices and surveyors are based in shipping ports, towns, cities and shipyards around the globe.

Our shipyard activity is heavily concentrated in the main shipbuilding countries of Korea, China and Japan. We are also very active in shipyards worldwide but particularly where specialised vessels and yachts are built.

Our operational offices that conduct periodic ship surveys are everywhere that ships trade. LNG bunkering study LNG as fuel – any interest? Green Ship Technology Conference 2011 Green Ship Technology Conference 2011 A closer look at gas technology A special report on marine and offshore gas solutions featuring:

new rules and guidance
our LNG bunkering study
new gas-fuelled ship project After 12 months of research and analysis, we have concluded our 2011-12 study on LNG bunkering and newbuild demand for deep sea shipping. Whatever gas technology you're exploring, we can help you qualify it, understand it and make it safe.

www.lr.org/gas Our Southampton Group Technology Centre is strategically positioned at the UK’s new centre of gravity for the industry.

Located on Southampton University’s Innovation and Technology Centre campus, it’s a key element of the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute that will bring together academic research, engineering excellence and industry stakeholders. Southampton Global Technology Centre Along with our Global Technology Centre at the University of Southampton in the UK, the Singapore GTC will serve as a cornerstone for our global research-and-development network, which currently includes 48 academic and technical institutions sponsored by The Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust. Singapore Global Technology Centre An expert peer group. The latest academic thinking. A collaborative workspace. And the chance to help shape our industry’s future. It’s all here at our new Global Technology Centres. "Our investment in the new Lloyd's Register Group Technology Centre in Singapore, coupled with the agreement with A*STAR, represents a shared vision to create a long-term centre of excellence for technology, innovation and research that will benefit Singapore, industry and society at large.

It underlines our global commitment to understanding the sciences and technologies that help to ensure that people are safe and that essential assets perform as required.” Richard Sadler, Chief Executive Officer of Lloyd’s Register New Designs
Existing Designs
In-Service Ships Performance Optimisation Where inspiration becomes innovation Global Technology Centres Making decisions in a complex world ‘It’s all about ENERGY MANAGEMENT
…and understanding technology’ If companies can get this right at a strategic level and implement energy management – whether in new designs, existing ships and in operations – then net bottom line and compliance benefits can follow. www.lr.org/marine www.lr.org/bunkering www.lr.org/gastechnology 42% of the public poll opinion respondents expected LNG to be the choice compliance fuel by 2025. More than 75% of the attendees expected LNG as the fuel making most progress within the next 10 years. SmartShipping - Singapore 2011 www.lr.org/singaporegtc New designs New engines New fuels Overall visions of the study Identified strategic ports and locations worldwide for possible LNG bunkering infrastructure facilities, and gathered the opinions of bunkering ports on their likely provision of LNG bunkering facilities in future.

Assessed the likely scale of demand for LNG-fuelled new construction and LNG as a fuel for deep see shipping up to 2025, using a propietary interactive demand model. Are you looking for continuous profitable operations? With offices in locations covering countries, we can deliver bold new solutions in the harshest conditions, facing the toughest problems. 245 186 New fuels, new engines and new designs are becoming available for the existing fleet. The difficulty for shipowners, builders, equipment makers and financiers is not only what technology to support but when to invest. Whatever technology or solution you’re exploring for your fleet, we’re here to help you assess it, understand it and make it safe.
We understand the challenges you face In today's complex marine industry, how confident can you be that your ship's performance will meet your operational needs? And we can help you find the solutions We've developed proven ways to help you achieve greater efficiency, reduce operating costs and verify that your investment decisions are justified. Whether it's assessing or delivering optimisation work, assisting you with engineering choices, or simply helping you ask the right questions, we can give you the ability to make better decisions faster. www.lr.org/horizons Horizons, January 2013 The January 2013 issue of Horizons, Lloyd's Register's marine magazine is out now and can be downloaded at:
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