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Safety and Ethics

No description

Meredith Ward

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Safety and Ethics

Major Causes
spy wear
Update your computer
update microsoft
use antivirus software
block spy wear
keep soft wear up to date
use a fire wall
use a complex password
use personal biometric devices
backup your important data often
enlist the support of experts
Spread of Attack
Know the enemy
Trojan Horse
Cookies (small files that track data)
Deter downloads
Tech backups and restore basics
Deal with DRM
Recommend Macintosh or Linux System
Abuse and Unethical Uses of computers and networks
Pirating- cyberspace is equivalent of stealing
downloading software files
hacking-invading another persons files or computers to take valuables or information
cyberbullying- includes twitter, facebook, and instagram or any other social media
Pirating- Criminal and Civil law, $150,000 for each program copied, if convicted fined up to $250,000. Sentenced up to 5 years or both
Downloading Software- up to 5 years in jail, fines and charges up to $150,000 for each file. If any other charges are brought against, the copyright holder can file suit, which will result in legal fees and other damages that have to be paid
Hacking- dealt within the U.S. and Canadian court systems. Possibility of fines and jail time. No leaving of country, or access of computers. After you pay fines you serve prison sentence.
Cyberbullying- jail time, parents have to pay, schools get involved, criminal harassment charge.

Freeware and Shareware
Computer Crimes
Computer Crimes are almost all the same no matter what it is. They all end in either jail time, criminal sentence, and hefty fees.
Safety and Ethics
By Meredith and Jarod
viruses - 1. Install quality antivirus
2. Real Time spyware protection
3. Keep anti-malware current
4. Perform daily scans
5. Disable autorun
6. Disable previews and outlook
7. Dont click on email links or attachments
8. Surf smart
9. Use hardware based fire wall
10. Deploy DNS protection
give users chance to try software
buy it
all features are not available
Winzip, Cuteftp, Getright
Can not be motified
cut down or a temporarily version
Anyone can download
All features and free
Adobe, Google, Yahoo, and MSN messenger
covered by copyright
cant sell freeware
Public Domain:
any program that is not copyrighted
software that is free
can be used with out restrictions
often used incorrectly to include freeware.
Basically trying to explain how you're feeling when talking to someone over social media or emails.
Avoid rude language, spam and sarcasm.
Acknowledge and return messages,
respect other's privacy, use emojis, to help transfer the message.
LAWYERS and Safeguarding
A federal and state law is being required protection for personal information and defined categories. The law generally covers Social security numbers, driver licenses numbers, financial account numbers and credit card numbers.
" ... an attorney who recieves protected individually identifiable health information (PHI) from a covered entity under the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act..." (http://www.americanbar.org/publications/law_practice_home/law_practice_archive/lpm_magazine_articles_v36_is4_pg49.html)
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