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Andrea,Michelle,Kim G

No description

Mrs. Almazan

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Andrea,Michelle,Kim G

The antartic ocean is the 4 biggest ocean.
What continents surround your ocean
how deep is the ocean
The Ocean Floor
The ocean floor has mountains,volcanoes,and hills.
The water is cold and salty it is 32 degrees.
Ocean size
Whales,Penguins,Seals,Krill,Polar Bears,Fish.
There is no plants but Phytoplankton.
Hunting whales and seals is against the law.
The deep of the ocean is 10,627 feet.
the continents that surround the ocean are South America,Africa and Australia.

There is seventeen types of penguins.
The largest penguin is the emperor.
The smallest penguin is the fairy penguin.
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